No Petal Left Unturned: Your Wedding Flower Cheat Sheet

Diving into wedding planning can sometimes look like doom scrolling through an endless feed of inspo pics. If this sounds overwhelming, you’re not wrong. Before you start collecting ideas and creating your wedding vision board, you need to know what you’re looking for. That’s where we come in! 

Wedding flowers are a vibrant, stunning, and classic way to bring your wedding day to life and even honor a few special loved ones. From the VIP blooms that lead the way as you walk down the aisle to the breathtaking centerpieces at your reception and especially the personal flowers that close friends and family hold dear, each stem carries significant symbolism and tells your love story. So, what are the best ways to incorporate your favorite blooms into your wedding? At Flora D’ Amore, we’re sharing the ultimate wedding flower cheat sheet to help you figure out where and how you might want to infuse your big day with your favorite flowers.

Flowers Bring the Vibes

Fresh flowers truly set the tone for your day. Whether you’re designing a wedding inspired by a 1920s Speakeasy, your trip to the French Countryside, or are really leaning into your Boho style, flowers are the best tool to bring your wedding look to life! They set the scene, make every corner pop with personality, and speak to your unique style with flawless elegance.

wedding bouquet of roses in purple tones. Floristic composition in vintage style. The Provence.

Who Gets Flowers?

The short answer? Almost everyone! From your wedding party to your parents and loved ones who have made this day possible, even your fur baby, can be honored with special blooms just for them.


Of course, every bride needs a bouquet to carry down the aisle! In addition to bouquets, consider flowers for the hair or a floral crown to express your free spirit. Don’t forget to request a second “toss” bouquet if you plan on doing a bouquet toss during your reception. After all, you don’t want to be throwing around your beautiful bridal bouquet – you might want to preserve its beauty and display it in your home later on. 


A sleek boutonniere is the ultimate accessory for grooms, proving that floral fashion isn’t just for the ladies. Choose from all sorts of wearable flowers for men to showcase your style, from floral pocket squares to full-lapel designs! 

Wedding Party

Your wedding party will most likely carry or wear smaller versions of your bouquet or boutonniere, or go in a cool new direction with floral design. With blooms that either match or complement your flowers, it’ll be a stunning sight as they stand by your side. 

Flower Girls (of Course!)

Every flower girl dreams of carrying baskets full of petals to scatter about as they walk down the aisle, warming the crowd for the bride’s grand entrance. Fresh flowers in their hair, floral crowns, or small bouquets will also make your cute little mini the star of their own show.  

Ring Bearers 

Whatever you do, don’t forget the ring bearers! Even the little guys can get in on the floral action with boutonnieres that say, “Yeah, I’m a part of the wedding crew.” 

Mothers & Grandmothers

Your moms and grandmoms deserve some serious recognition on your wedding day, so incorporate a few nods to them throughout the day. A beautiful way to honor your favorite ladies is with corsages or mini bouquets that tie them into the day’s aesthetic – because where would we be without our family matriarchs? 

Fathers & Grandfathers

Design some distinguished boutonnieres for the distinguished gents in your life – of course, we’re talking about your dads and granddads. It’s a fresh and sophisticated way to honor the patriarchs of the party with love and gratitude. 

Special Recognitions

Your list of personal flowers might also include a few other people who have played a critical role in your life or big day, such as godparents, your officiant if they are a close friend or family member, and maybe even your pet if they are making a guest appearance. To honor loved ones who have passed and will be with you in spirit, create a special arrangement to place on their seat.

Wedding Bouquet and Boutonniere on Chair

Where to Incorporate Flowers in Your Ceremony?

From the grand entrance to those intimate “I do” moments, flowers are your backdrop, your accents, and your statement pieces, creating an atmosphere that’s all kinds of gorgeous. Here are a few flowers you might want to ensure are in attendance during your ceremony. 

Welcome Flowers

Create an inviting first impression with a lush display of florals that teases the beauty yet to unfold. They can be accents on a welcome board with your names or larger arrangements that flank the entrance to your wedding. 

Aisle Markers

Line your pathway to the altar with floral arrangements that complement your theme, adding romance and color with every step. Whether surrounding candles or lanterns, attached to seating, or in elegant vases on the ground, they bring personality and allure. 

Wedding Arch

The most photographed floral design in your entire venue is your wedding arch, pergola, arbor, or chuppah. It’s where you’ll say, “I do,” so all eyes will be turned in its direction. Take this as your chance to create a fun and gorgeous masterpiece with your florist that you’ll remember forever! 

Unity Florals

Unity florals are another unique way to incorporate blooms into your ceremony, symbolizing the coming together of two lives and the beginning of your journey as newlyweds. You could go as simple as having a sweet arrangement on the table, as sentimental as presenting arrangements to your new in-laws, or as creative as combining stems to create one bouquet.

pink floral wedding ceremony

Where to Display Flowers at Your Reception?

Every corner, every table, and every moment at your reception deserves fresh flowers—from epic centerpieces to those Insta-perfect spots where guests can snap and share. Of course, there are a few key locations we always recommend. 


Similar to welcome flowers at your ceremony, these designs are a lovely way to greet guests. Whether you repurpose arrangements from earlier in the day or create something custom for the space, entrance flowers set the tone of your reception from the moment guests enter your venue! 

Head Table or Sweetheart Table

This is one table you want to draw attention to, and flowers are a fantastic way to do so. Grand centerpieces and luxe floral runners are stunning ways to make these important tables stand out at your reception. You can also request vases of water to artfully display the brides’ and bridesmaids’ bouquets. Finally, if you are opting for a sweetheart table, inquire about repurposing your ceremony arch or floral wall for the perfect backdrop behind the newlyweds. 

Guest Tables

Centerpieces are the best opportunity to let your style and personality shine and bring your wedding theme to life. Whether tall and grand, low and lush, or a combination of both, these stems will surely be the topic of dinner conversation among your guests. 

Specialty Tables: Guest Book Tables, Memory Tables, Gift/Card Tables

Use small floral arrangements to highlight other special tables for your guest book, memories of you and your partner or loved ones, and gifts and cards. The goal is to make these essential areas stand out and feel integrated into the wedding’s overall aesthetic. It’s a great way to keep the vibe of your wedding flowing throughout your entire venue – beyond the dining tables. 


In addition to sprucing up your cake table with sweet treats and fresh flowers, adorn your cake with stems that speak to your style. Talk to your florist and cake baker to coordinate the ideal wedding cake with blooms and greenery that cascade down, grace each tier, or offer a chic minimalist touch. 

Bars & Buffet Tables

Speaking of delicious, depending on space, why not add flowers to your bars and buffet tables for extra elegance? Accent these popular food and drink locations with small floral arrangements that continue the theme and invite guests to indulge in their favorite spirits and mouthwatering bites. 

Lounges & Rest Areas

Lounges and rest areas are pretty important to incorporate into your wedding reception. Create inviting, comfortable spaces with flowers that encourage guests to sit back, relax, and put their feet up before heading back to the dance floor. You can also spruce up restrooms with serene blooms to enhance the ambiance while guests freshen up.

Grand Exit

The grand finale of your wedding is your exit! Prepare for your great escape by handing out flowers or petals for guests to toss, or create a floral archway to walk through as you depart– perhaps into a getaway car that’s also adorned in florals!

Round dinner tables with pink flowers stand on beautiful decorated backyard

Other Considerations

While flowers are a big part of your wedding day, they can also be incorporated into events leading up to and even after your wedding. From popping the question to the post-wedding brunch, a floral touch is always a dreamy addition to every chapter of your love story. 


Set the scene for a memorable proposal with a grand display that captures the essence of your love, making the moment as breathtaking as the question being asked. From a petal pathway to a large bouquet for her and even a corsage for him, there are so many opportunities for your romance to bloom. 

Engagement Parties

Celebrate your engagement with vibrant centerpieces that reflect the love you share with your partner. Welcome guests with vibrant centerpieces that celebrate the joyous news, creating an atmosphere of festivity and happiness right from the start.

Wedding Showers

Make sure the wedding shower is bursting with life and love! Decorate with fresh floral arrangements that cascade across tables and adorn the space, wrapping the bride-to-be in a blanket of love and anticipation. For an added bonus, get some personal flowers for the bride, moms, and bridesmaids. 

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Wherever you go and however you celebrate, there is always room for flowers at any party! Hanging from the ceiling in your Airbnb, as the centerpiece for your dining tables, or floating in the pool are just a few ideas. We also love introducing fun wearable florals, like flower crowns and boutonnieres, adding a playful and spirited vibe to your bachelor or bachelorette party


Usually the kickoff to your wedding weekend, your rehearsal dinner certainly calls for fresh flowers. Accent the tables with elegant arrangements that set the tone for your beautiful wedding day. 

Post-Wedding Brunches

Keep the wedding bliss going with bright, cheery blooms that light up your post-wedding brunch, reflecting the happiness and love still in the air. With you and your guests still basking in the moment, flowers will help make every second count. 


Sprinkle a touch of romantic floral magic in your honeymoon haven with petals on the bed or a welcoming bouquet. It’s about enhancing those first beautiful days of marriage with simple, loving touches that make each moment feel like a dream.

Vow Renewals

Surround yourself with timeless floral elegance as you renew your vows, creating a space that reflects the depth and enduring nature of your love. It’s a beautiful testament to your journey together, making the day as memorable as your love is profound. 

bridal tea party with colorful flowers

Let your wedding bloom with flowers that bring every moment to life, transforming photos into colorful tales of love and joy. Because a day draped in laughter, love, and vibrant florals is unforgettable.