Bloomin’ Bach Bash: A Guide to Adding Fresh Flowers to Your Bachelorette Party Decor

When planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, there are usually two goals in mind: 1) make the activities fun and memorable and 2) create a colorful and festive ambiance. Here at Flora D’ Amore, we are experts at achieving both of those goals with one fresh, elegant, and unforgettable thing — flowers. There is nothing better than adorning your bach bash with fresh blooms, whether hung, strung, hand-tied, displayed, or even worn. Take a look at our ultimate guide below for incorporating fresh flowers into any unique bach bash. 

Flower crown

Making Flower Crowns For the Big Night Out

Gathering your bridal party or besties for a fun and colorful DIY project is a great way to kick off any bach bash – extra points of your craft can be worn during the later festivities! The perfect accessory to match wedding party t-shirts, vibrant wigs, or other themed attire is a flower crown. Whimsical floral tiaras complete with spray roses, Italian ruscus, and ribbon or sweet and petit hair accessories made with daisies and eucalyptus will help unleash everyone’s personality, style, and taste. While creating a standout and Instagramable look, these floral accessories will cue others that you’re celebrating something special. 

Bare feet of bridesmaids and bride with a bouquet of flowers

Spa Bachelorette Parties for Ultimate Relaxation

If you’re keeping your bach bash a little more relaxing and low-key or incorporating a spa day during a full weekend of festivities, there are still various ways to include fresh blooms. Elegant leis can enhance the posh feelings of being pampered during manicures, pedicures, and facials. For something that adds a fun bachelorette aesthetic, opt for floral pieces that can attach to sashes! If you plan on being at the spa all day long, you will surely be in need of a snack. Floral-themed cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies decorated with flowers are delicious and beautiful. While orchids are the traditional flower for leis, gerbera daisies and ranunculus are vibrant choices for cakes and desserts. 

the wedding ceremony area is decorated with tropical-style decorations, colored flowers, wicker vases, carpets, in the garden on the terrace

Fun in the Sun with a Floral Twist at Miami-Inspired Bachelorette Parties

With a great selection of tropical blooms and decor options to take your pool party to another level, there is no need to travel to South Florida to enjoy a sunny, Miami-themed bach bash. Instead, the glitz and glam can come to you! From custom-made floral walls for photo ops. to floating flower arrangements and a bar with fresh blooms and cocktails or mocktails inspired by your favorite flowers, the sky is truly the limit. Bold tropicals like birds of paradise, protea, anthurium, ginger, and heliconia are sure to bring that Miami feel to wherever you and your bridal party are. 

Pink bride balloons and flower arrangement for bride in hotel

Glamour and Flowers For Hotel Bachelorette Parties

Exuding elegance from every angle, hotels are posh venues for both weddings and bachelorette parties. Whether elevating the decor with vibrant flowers, including a variety of arrangements and garlands, or surprising the guest of honor with their very own special bouquet or wearable floral design, bright blooms add unique style and sophistication. If bachelorette games or scavenger hunts are on the agenda, fresh flowering plants like hydrangeas and azaleas make for lovely prizes or party favors so everyone can go home with something that will “bloom with love.” 

Girls showing off pink flower corsages

Add Elegance to Domestic Destinations: Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Nashville

Travel in style to your favorite city as you gear up for a thrilling and fabulous pre-wedding escapade. Whether you’re planning to embrace a boho or natural southwest aesthetic in Nashville, Houston, or Dallas or a shimmering groovy disco theme in Atlanta or Las Vegas, wearable flowers are a must-have. From the airplane to downtown, everyone should accessorize with flawless floral corsages, wristlets, or boutonnieres. For this glamorous getaway, choose the classic calla lilies to ooze sophistication, spunky chrysanthemums for a bold statement, or timeless and romantic roses – with added greenery and blooms to amp up the charm. This is a guaranteed way to get the party started and keep the good times rolling!

Transforming your bach bash into a lush and luxurious floral oasis creates a vibrant and lively aesthetic that will certainly encourage an unforgettable good time. Whether you’re looking for bold and bright tropicals, pastel petals, whimsical boho blooms, or flashy floral designs, the experts at Flora D’ Amore are ready to help get your party started. With our attention to detail and expertise in flowers and events, your guests will leave feeling festive and ready for the best day ever.