Gorgeous Flowers and Decor For Outdoor Garden Parties and Celebrations

Outdoor parties are a hallmark of the summer season thanks to warm weather, long days, and mild evenings perfect for gathering. This of course includes weddings and related events such as backyard bridal showers and bach bashes, which give us once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to celebrate — something we know now never to take for granted. As for how to throw the best outdoor parties? Turn your spaces into dazzling gardenscapes with the perfect outdoor party decorations — especially flowers, which can have a dramatic and transformative effect. Pro-tip: Don’t skimp on personal flowers like handheld bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, and flower crowns; more than anything, these arrangements are what will be preserved in photographs. So whether you’re planning a full-on wedding, an engagement party, or a garden theme bridal shower, we hear at Flora D’ Amore in Everett, Washington have you covered. We’ll keep your decor on point with these uniquely curated ideas.

Seating decorated with fabric and flowers

Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Gardenscape for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Garden weddings call for pulling out all of the stops when it comes to outdoor party decor — think elegant flower garlands, twinkling string lights, elegant floral centerpieces at each table, and auxiliary arrangements that help curate and beautify each space. Naturally, bouquets are a major part of the equation, both for the bride and any member of the wedding party who wishes to carry them. Add the finishing touches by attaching accent floral decor onto seating, as well as ornamenting trees and trellises with lush blooms. Be sure to highlight similar blossoms or statement blooms in each arrangement to create a unified aesthetic throughout the event.

Different colored floral garlands

Whimsical Outdoor Party Decorations for Outdoor Engagement Festivities

While engagement parties do not necessarily call for the formality of wedding ceremonies and receptions, nuanced and thoughtful outdoor party decorations are still essential for creating a festive atmosphere. Encourage cocktail party style mingling by furnishing the space with tall, round tables topped with minimalist flower arrangements and LED candles that can light up at dusk. Utilize string lighting for ambiance as the night grows longer, ideally with colorful LED bulbs safely woven with cascading blooms. Corsages and boutonnières up the style factor for the brides and/or grooms to be, adding a personal touch that will be preserved forever in memories.

Arms with corsages and ribbons toasting

Add Elegance to Bach Bashes with Wearable and Portable Flowers

Whether you’re chartering a fishing boat for the crew or simply gathering at an outdoor bar with lots of activities and games, portable flower arrangements and wearable flourishes take outdoor bach bashes up a level. Think hearty flower bouquets to add beauty to limousines or fancy cars, tiaras woven with colorful blooms and ribbons for dressy outfits, savvy boutonnières for buttoned-up ensembles, and floral additions to accentuate sashes for those about to be married. These embellishments also help to foster a celebratory environment amongst party guests and signal to others (when applicable) that a special occasion is happening.

A table set with flowers and candles

Elegant Flowers and Outdoor Party Decor for Wedding Event Brunches

Weddings often bring friends and family to town for extended stays, creating ample opportunities for wedding-adjacent events like outdoor garden parties and brunches. These occasions are an excellent time to create memories, as they allow loved ones who haven’t seen each other in a while to catch up and socialize over adult beverages and/or mocktails. Bring in the beauty with outdoor party decorations; we recommend breezy floral centerpieces on dining tables, garlands of blooms strung up in trees and on fences, and hanging plants thoughtfully arranged for additional green ambiance. Finish by decorating mason jars for beverages with festive ribbons and small flowers; these will stand out in all of the photos taken during toasts.


Glasses of rose on table with flowers

Curate a Spring-like Space with Flowers and Decor for Outdoor Bridal Showers

If you are planning a garden theme bridal shower or are simply looking for backyard bridal shower ideas, custom flower arrangements are a must-have. Start with a bold bouquet specifically for the gifting table, which will bring a posh energy to the space. Add dimension by attaching garlands to table edges, and place a smaller version of the gifting bouquet by the guestbook that folks will see signing in. Top it all off with custom corsages and boutonnières for the guests of honor. And of course, fashion flower decor for cocktail glasses that, again, will look stunning in the event photos you’ll look back on for years to come.

The best tip for planning the perfect outdoor garden party is to consult the professionals here at Flora D’ Amore in Everett, Washington. Our seasoned team of floral experts can work with you to create custom outdoor decorations that will impress all of your guests.