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About Flora D’Amore 

Creating Curated Floral Experiences with Skill, Expertise, and Quality Flowers Since 1946

Flora d’Amore is a third-generation florist shop that has been providing beautiful florals to the Everett and Lynnwood communities and beyond for over 70 years. 

At Flora d’Amore, we understand every wedding is unique and personal, which is why we only offer experienced wedding consultants to help guide you through the flower selection process that will bring your wedding vision to life.  

We also focus on using blooms at their highest point of freshness and quality and elevating our designs with unique flowers and plants. When flowers are in season, they are at their best and radiate a lifeforce of beauty and individuality that is truly remarkable. Incorporating local and seasonal blooms in your wedding adds the elements of time and place to your love story. And when specific blooms are requested, we have an experienced floral procurement team who can source global as well as local flowers. 

Working alongside our clients every step of the way, our goal is to create timeless designs that are unique, romantic, and memorable. Our fleet of delivery vehicles, experienced team of wedding designers and consultants, and production warehouse with ample cooler space to accommodate the freshest flowers allows us to realize any couple’s wedding vision with efficiency and ease, which translates into lower costs for our clients.

“Flowers bring nature and joy to those who experience them, and there is no better display of this than a wedding or event.” 

Our Design Process

The process of working with the wedding designers at Flora D’Amore simply begins by sending us an email! If you would like to check your date’s availability, please click the button at the top of the page or just below. This will allow us to send you a questionnaire that helps us get to know you and your vision for your big day. With the information you provide us, we will create a personalized proposal just for you and your unique style! As we get closer to your wedding date, we will contact you to schedule a meeting to go over all details and tie up any loose ends.

At Flora D’Amore, your wedding designer will oversee everything from the initial concept to the selection of flowers and down to the final details of arrangements, design, delivery, and placement at your venue. We also offer set up for your wedding, rental pick up after the reception, and any transfer of flowers between locations during the day.

We can’t wait to meet you and bring your wedding vision to life! Contact our Design team Monday-Saturday for more information at weddingstudio@stadiumflowers.com.


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