Floor to Ceiling Flowers for an Epic Wedding Celebration

Planning and designing your wedding will, of course, include choosing your favorite flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and other wedding arrangements. But have you considered adorning your entire wedding venue with fresh blooms? We’re talking from the floor, like ceremony aisle markers, to floral walls and wedding backdrops, and even hanging flowers on the ceiling! These floral trends are pretty epic and create an unforgettable wedding celebration that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come. Here at Flora D’ Amore, we love designing and creating the wedding of your dreams— and bringing it to life in all sorts of fun and unexpected ways through floral installations is simply sensational.

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Low and Lush Flower Installations

From ceremony seating and aisle markers to an elegant sea of flowers around the sweetheart table, there are so many ways to add allure to the lower levels of your wedding celebration. Low and lush flower installations create an intimate atmosphere where you and your guests can feel the beauty and love from the ground up. Whether you opt for vibrant hues or delicate pastels, these blooms will catch everybody’s attention.

the table of the bride and groom in bright colors. wedding decor at the Banquet.

Floral Table Runners

When it comes to your tables, trade in the fabric for flowers! A stunning collection of greenery and accenting blooms running the length of guest tables and head tables will elevate any design and offer the most romantic look. Allow the floral runners to cascade down the edges of the tables for an elegant waterfall look. Floral table runners will make your guests feel like they are in an enchanted garden or whimsical paradise.

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Luxurious Accenting Floral Designs

Enhance your venue while providing a welcoming aesthetic for guests with luxurious floral decor in unexpected places. Whether highlighting an ornate spiral staircase, an eye-catching corner, inspiring architecture, or simply lounge seating, a collection of lush and spectacular blooms are the perfect way to draw attention to these unique spaces. These arrangements add a touch of elegance from towering centerpieces or delicate bouquets, and fresh accenting floral designs will create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

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Blooming Backdrops and Walls

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate flower walls into your wedding day — from photo booth backdrops or an accent wall in your venue to lining the hallways leading to your reception or behind your head table or sweetheart table. You can also make a statement with a flawless floral wall as the backdrop to your wedding ceremony. No matter where you build a unique and blossoming wedding flower wall or backdrop, it will surely be a decor highlight that helps create unforgettable experiences.

Wedding decoration ceremony (Chandelier in the arch of flowers)

Flower Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers are popular decor pieces for tent weddings, garden weddings, rustic barn weddings, and elegant modern affairs. It all comes down to the blooms you choose, the size and shapes of the chandeliers, and how you style them to create the perfect ambiance. Whether a hint of floral or a grand design with lots of lush blooms, a flower chandelier is a great way to elevate your wedding. Or, perhaps, you want to trade in the disco ball for an illuminated collection of your favorite flowers to get the party started on the dance floor.

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Floral-Filled Ceilings

Elegance and luxury are at the forefront of floral-filled ceilings. Choose your dining area, ceremony pergola, hallways and entrances, or the entire venue for the ultimate statement. Adorning any ceiling with greenery and hanging flowers at your wedding will create the most inviting, whimsical, and posh look and feel. With its ability to transform any wedding venue, floral-filled ceilings offer a brilliant setting for capturing the sweetest moments during your special day.

No matter the size or look of your venue, the wedding professionals at Flora D’ Amore are ready to style it with the most amazing floral designs. With an extensive array of options, out-of-the-box ideas, and unique spaces to discover, you will undoubtedly enjoy one-of-a-kind wedding flowers. Choose the best colors, textures, and blooms to match your personality or theme and elevate your wedding decor to its fullest potential.