A Roaring Romance: Secrets for Planning Your Perfect Speakeasy Wedding

Dive into the glitzy world of the 1920s and step into a scene where flapper dresses swirl and sharp three-piece suits are the norm, all amidst the secret buzz of speakeasies and the unmistakable allure of art decor elegance. At Flora D’ Amore, we’re your ticket to a speakeasy-themed celebration that’s all about the razzle-dazzle of the Prohibition Era. We’re talking a mix of swanky music, fashion that screams chic, decor that oozes sophistication, and floral arrangements that are the epitome of sultry and stylish. So, whisper the secret password, and let us guide you to your wedding that’s a timeless journey filled with the coolest jazz, the most enchanting cocktails and mocktails, vintage flair, breathtaking blooms, and decor that’s effortlessly suave.

Create a speakeasy vibe with floral arrangements with feather accents

Oh, where would the dazzling Art Deco aesthetic be without those glitzy gold geometric patterns and the fabulous flair of feathers peeking out from every nook and cranny? Pure 1920s Prohibition Era chic! To jazz up your speakeasy wedding with a touch of this swanky style, sprinkle in the elegance of ostrich feathers, the vibrant colors of peacock feathers, and the soft, fluffy charm of marabou feathers. As they dance through your bouquets, adding a whisper of movement and a splash of iridescent glow, it’s the ultimate nod to the unrestrained spirit and bold glamour of the Jazz Age. So, get ready to ruffle some feathers—in the most stylish way possible!

Feather florals

Wear vintage or vintage-inspired dresses and outfits

Step into a wedding gown that’s a love letter to the past yet firmly penned in the present. Vintage-inspired fashion mixes and matches the best of bygone eras with today’s fashion-forward trends. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too, but with silhouettes and styles! Envision the detailed beadwork of a ’20s flapper dress twirling into the future with modern hemlines and your personal touch. Opt for avant-garde fabrics, tailor-made embroidery, and the latest in embellishment fashion, like bows and florals that make a statement. You’ll be the embodiment of vintage glamour, reimagined for the now. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds on your big day?

Bride with vintage feather fan

Accent with elegant flower decorations for the bar and dining tables

When you step into your speakeasy wedding, the flowers should be so lively that you’d half expect them to start dancing the Charleston. Picture a venue that bursts into life with romantic roses and dreamy pink anthuriums, each bloom a testament to your flair and the timeless elegance of the roaring 20s. Flowers are your co-conspirators in setting a scene straight out of a vintage Gatsby-esque story. Paired with classic glassware that sparkles under the light, table settings that ooze vintage chic, and candlelight that sets the whole room aglow, it’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and celebration. Wedding blooms should be an invitation for each guest to step back in time and revel in the joy of your speakeasy style.

Wedding centerpiece with pink anthuriums and feathers

Have plenty of comfy seating accented with flowers

Twirl and jitterbug off the dance floor and into a world where comfort meets chic, and the whispers of newfound friendships and budding romances fill the air. These posh, flower-adorned hideaways are where new stories unfold. Guests will sink into sumptuous seating, surrounded by enchanting roses, peonies, and hydrangeas, turning each lounge into a fragrant paradise. These floral havens are where legs rest, spirits lift, and conversations flow as freely as the champagne. When creating these cozy corners at your wedding, remember that it’s the flowers that weave the magic, inviting guests to linger, lounge, and luxuriate in the beauty of the moment. So while the dance floor sizzles, when it’s time for a pause, retreat to these floral-filled lounges where the magic really happens.

Classy lounge at wedding with velvet furniture and flowers

Decorate cakes with Art Deco accents

Slice into a wedding cake that feels more like a time capsule, whisking you away to another world. Deck out your cake with the intricate patterns, bold lines, and geometric symmetry that scream Art Deco. Want to keep it sleek? Opt for smooth, circular tiers, then jazz them up with a splash of gold, the romantic flicker of candles, and a lush embrace of greenery. And for that crowning touch, adorn it with lavish, fresh roses. It’s the ultimate nod to elegance, adding a layer of sophisticated flair without missing a beat of that Art Deco rhythm. Your wedding cake will be a piece of the party, echoing the cosmopolitan energy of an unforgettable era.

art deco style multi-layer wedding cake

Decorate antique cars with flower arrangements

Make your grand exit in true vintage fashion with a getaway car that’s a rolling tribute to the 1920s. Adorn antique vehicles with bespoke floral arrangements that speak the language of love and luxury. It’s a nod to the speakeasy spirit, where extravagance knew no bounds and every detail dripped with ritz, glitz, and glamour. By echoing the flowers from your wedding bouquet and centerpieces, you’ll be weaving a thread of unity and thoughtfulness throughout your day.

Bride and groom in front of old car

At Floral D’ Amore, we hold the key to transforming your speakeasy wedding with flower arrangements and decor that promise to whisk your celebration off to unparalleled heights of elegance and flair!