A Fresh Take on Styling Plants & Lush Greenery for Your Wedding

Envision your wedding day enhanced by the effortless elegance of fresh plants, bringing a slice of nature’s beauty to your celebration. It’s a chic and organic way to style your venue, adding layers of texture and color that captivate the senses. The presence of these plants not only beautifies the space but also creates a calm, refreshing ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy. They’re more than just decorations; they’re a symbol of your love’s natural growth and the beautiful journey you are on. At Flora D’ Amore, our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating this lush, green elegance into your wedding, ensuring your day is as naturally enchanting as your love story.

Install Arch Decorations with Plants and Bright Greenery

Wedding arches truly are the show-stopping centerpiece of your ceremony, capturing everyone’s gaze the moment they step into the venue. Initially, they stand as a blank slate, ready to be transformed by a fusion of nature’s charm and your unique vision. Picture a lush array of greenery, with plants like eucalyptus, ivy, or ferns delicately draped, striking the perfect balance between natural texture and refined elegance. And for those ceremonies that linger into the twilight hours, the enchantment of lights intertwined with the foliage creates a mesmerizing, romantic ambiance, crafting the ideal backdrop for those timeless wedding photos. It’s these thoughtful, personalized details that elevate a simple arch into an awe-inspiring focal point, adding an extra layer of magic to your special day.

Setup for ceremony. Wedding arch is decorated leaves eucalyptus greenery and garland with lights in tent. Banquet hall with decor herbs. Luxury elegant wall and decoration space, or place for photos.

Incorporate Lush Greenery Into Wedding Party Bouquets

For wedding bouquets, let succulents and greenery take center stage, transforming them from accessories to statement pieces. The blend of various green elements, like ruscus, eucalyptus, and ferns, conjures the charm of rustic and boho styles to create something fresh and modern. Succulents paired with the airy lightness of gypsophila create a captivating textural contrast. Greenery adapts gracefully to any wedding bouquet style – be it the homely allure of rustic and bohemian, the sharp elegance of modern, or the pure, serene vibe of a minimalist theme.

bridal bouquet with succulents

Create Bountiful Centerpieces and Table Runners With Potted Plants

Transform your reception tables into lush landscapes, alive with the beauty of nature. Centerpieces and table runners overflowing with fresh greens and potted plants create an organic haven. From the quaint allure of small succulents to the cascading grace of philodendrons that whisk you away to the serene vibes of Tulum, each plant should complement your wedding style. Extend these plants and greens beyond the tables and allow them to flow throughout the venue. Place large potted plants as a welcoming touch at the entrance, a natural flair near the bar, and cozy green corners on the dance floor, ensuring the entire space is imbued with freshness and harmony.

in backyard of villa in Tuscany there on a wooden table is served by plates, forks, glasses and knives decorated with flowers

Decorate Cakes with Fresh Green Accents

Fresh greenery, especially succulents, is a striking way to decorate wedding cakes, offering a natural contrast to the sweetness of your confections. These plants, with their unique rosette shapes and muted tones, bring new color, height, texture, and organic style to your dessert table. Succulents can be elegantly placed on top of the cake or arranged to cascade down the tiers, adding dramatic flair. Enhancing cakes and other desserts with green elements connects them to the overall nature-inspired style of your wedding.

Wedding Setup. Cake table with sweet, decoration and flowers

Give Green Plants as Wedding Favors For Guests

Wrapping up your big day by giving green plants as wedding favors is like handing out a little piece of your love story for guests to cherish and grow– just as you do with your marriage. The beauty of this idea is the variety. Pick plants that coinside with your wedding design or the season, maybe something you’ve seen at your favorite farmer’s market to add a personal touch. Unlike traditional favors, a plant is a living, lasting reminder of your love. Every time your guests water their new plant or see a new leaf, they’ll think of the fun, happiness, and pure joy shared on your special day. It’s a favor that keeps the memories alive and thriving.

Small succulent wedding favors

Discover a world of botanical elegance with Flora D’ Amore. With stunning greenery and plants to add that fresh, natural touch to your wedding, we can create a space that’s as vibrant and beautiful as your love story.

Let love grow