Coastal Charm: Your Guide to a New England-Style Beach Wedding

From the rocky shores of Martha’s Vineyard to the iconic beaches of Cape Cod, that laid-back, preppy northeastern wedding vibe can be yours, and you don’t even have to travel. With the right mix of florals, decor, and those special touches, Floral D’ Amore can transform any venue into a slice of New England paradise. So, embrace that chic coastal grandma style and create a wedding day that feels like a northeastern dream! No matter where your love story takes you, get ready to sail into marital bliss. 

Chose a Venue With a Waterfront Setting

Want the secret sauce to a Martha’s Vineyard “I do”? Location, location, location…and did we say, water? Grab a venue where the water’s in clear sight, whether a lake, river, or poolside glam, and make it your own slice of the Atlantic. Host your ceremony in a spot like a quaint waterfront gazebo or a breezy beachfront just a step away from the waves.  

newlyweds by the water

Trade in Traditional Tropical Blooms for Blue and White Floral Arrangements

Tropical blooms are hot, but when it comes to nautical nuptials, think cool ocean breezes and timeless elegance. Dive into a palette of blues and whites to echo the hues of the ocean. Opt for the lush, classic charm of hydrangeas—those big, beautiful blooms are practically a love letter from Martha’s Vineyard! Mix them with pristine white roses, sleek calla lilies, and bright delphiniums for centerpieces and bouquets that whisper seaside sophistication.

bride carrying blue and white flowers

Coordinate Bouquets and Boutonnières with Coastal Wedding Attire

What’s the vibe for coastal wedding wear? Preppy, polished, and just the right amount of relaxed. Brides should think dreamy white gowns that catch the sea breeze or minimalist slip dresses that are as chic as they are simple. Grooms can suit up in beach-friendly pastels or go classic with a navy blazer and breezy trousers. Match your florals to your fashion with bouquets and boutonnières bursting with ocean-inspired blues, serene whites, or trendy peach hues for some beachy sunset flair.

bride holding blue hydrangea

Revamp Classics Flowers By Pairing Them With Unique Blooms

Love the traditional New England vibes but itching to add your personal style? Go ahead and pair those classic roses and lush hydrangeas with something a little off the beaten path. Maybe white anemones for a touch of drama or a sprinkle of wild succulents and greenery for that earthy, natural aesthetic. This blend of the usual and the unusual can transform your beachy blooms into a stunning visual cocktail.

Pastel wedding bouquet with succulents and unique flowers

Gift Guests Nautical-Theme Wedding Favors

As the sun sets on your seaside soiree, send your guests home with a little piece of the Atlantic. Nautical-themed wedding favors are the perfect encore to your coastal wedding day, whether it’s cookies shaped like little sailboats, soaps with the fresh scent of salty air, or personalized bottle openers for those evenings spent around a beach bonfire. These treats will be the perfect sweet sendoff.

cupcakes with anchors

No beach? No problem! Creating a chic, coastal wedding away from the coast is all about the details. Flora D’ Amore is here to infuse your big day with the nautical charm and serene elegance of the North Atlantic, ensuring your wedding is a shore hit.