Trendy Ways to Add Fresh Flowers to Your Wedding Cake

The yummiest way to incorporate flowers into your wedding day, no matter the season, theme, or style, is on your cake! As your wedding florist places or presses fresh stems into decadent icing, it naturally and elegantly elevates this iconic dessert, enticing you and your loved ones all night long. From modern and minimal to grand and glorious, the look and blooms you choose for your cake can go in all sorts of directions. With so many options, it can be hard to make your decision. Luckily, the wedding experts at Flora D’ Amore are sharing the ultimate wedding cake floral style guide to help you choose the perfect look.

A wonderful wedding cake detail. The flowers look real, but are really edible sugar flowers!

Real Flowers vs. Fake Blooms on Wedding Cakes

One concern some people have about adding fresh flowers to wedding cakes is cleanliness. Even if the bloom is deemed “edible,” this leads couples to add silk flowers to their cake instead of real flowers. However, this lessens the appeal and can tarnish the luxurious feel of your beautiful wedding cake and event.

No need to fret! The solution to fresh cake floral is to cut and wrap the stems to keep everything clean. Many florists will also use a toothpick to attach real blooms to wedding cakes and ensure the petals aren’t in contact with the icing. While these tactics ensure your cake is safe and delicious, you should always make it clear to your florist that you intend to utilize flowers for cake décor. Please note that “edible flowers” need to be specially ordered from your florist, and you should never consume real flowers unless they are confirmed to be safe for ingestion.

Beautiful of  Wedding Cake with Flowers on Top.

Floral Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

A large cluster of botanicals that fill the top of your wedding cake is a fun and natural substitution for the traditional newlywed figurine cake toppers. If you love this floral look but want to make it more unique, opt for a few small accent blooms to highlight a collection of sweet treats (think berries and macarons) arranged on top of your wedding cake. This will surely pique the interest of wedding guests with a sweet tooth.

Wedding cake with purple cascading flowers

Dress Your Wedding Cake to the Nines with Fancy Florals

In addition to floral wedding cake toppers, you can incorporate floral decorations for a fully layered look. Don’t forget to create a stunning base of fresh blooms while adding clusters of flowers to each tier of your wedding cake. You can also create a diagonal line of luscious botanicals that fill the front of your cake to achieve a glamorous and refined look.

two-tiered wedding cake decorated with branches of greenery, stands on a table in the woods

Minimalist Wedding Cake Style

If you have a more minimalist style but still want to adorn your cake with brilliant blossoms, you can add a few floral touches here and there. Artfully placing clusters of three or one large bloom with a few hints of greenery are other timeless and graceful cake décor trends. These little additions are a lovely way to give your wedding cake that flower flair without looking too busy or over the top.

A beautiful white wedding cake decorated with colorful flowers on a wooden barrel

Adorn Naked Wedding Cakes with Fresh Blooms

A widespread wedding cake floral trend that many believe to be a match made in heaven is adding fresh flowers to “naked cakes,” or cakes with icing only between each cake layer. With the raw cake edges exposed, colorful, bold, and moody blooms create a work of art. Naked cakes with flowers perfectly complement a natural, rustic, or boho wedding style.

Wedding cake with pressed flower design

Trendy Wildflower Wedding Cakes

If the naked cake trend isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps the wildflower cake will strike your fancy. Pressing stems, petals, and greenery on the sides and top of your cake will give it a more relaxed, romantic feel and a “less fussy” look. Wildflower cakes are ideal for garden weddings, whimsical themes, boho styles, and free-spirited couples.

Wedding cake floral is a charming and creative avenue couples can take to fill their day with Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Since wedding cakes are a focal point for any reception, consulting with a florist, like Flora D’ Amore, is always a great idea. This ensures your wedding cake can act as a piece of art and décor that matches the rest of your floral designs, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and accent arrangements. Talking to your wedding florist about your cake is also crucial to confirm that the blooms utilized are safe to consume or use for cake decorating.

Flower designs for every type of wedding cake