How to Plan and Design an Authentic Vintage Wedding

Picking a wedding theme that reflects your and your partners’ personalities and styles might mean planning an authentic and nostalgic vintage wedding. Our wedding design team appreciates the simple yet elegant attributes of a contemporary wedding, but there is something about vintage wedding styles that really make us swoon. From the colorful and quirky to the timeless and sophisticated, there are so many decades perfect for a wedding theme. To help guide you through the decision-making process, the floral experts here at Flora D’ Amore are sharing our favorite ways to create an authentic vintage-themed wedding with a remarkable impact.

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Find Inspiration

One place to gather and source ideas for the ultimate vintage-wedding theme is Pinterest. However, nothing will guide you in the right direction like looking back at old photos of real 1960s and 1970s weddings. The purest, and perhaps the most heartwarming, place to find wedding inspiration is in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding albums. You never know; they might still have some decor tucked away for you to utilize on your big day.

Another source of inspiration for a vintage wedding is your favorite TV shows from back in the day, such as MAS*H, Happy Days, and The Brady Bunch. While these shows emphasize the bright color palettes, distinctive, bold patterns on furniture and wall art, and exposed brick, stonework, and lots of greenery, they also highlight weddings. From timeless backyard weddings with a string orchestra to floral-filled indoor weddings, these popular TV episodes bring just as much beauty and inspiration as they do laughter and chaos. So, sit back, relax, turn on your TV, and take a trip down memory lane to collect genuine decor ideas for your own vintage wedding.

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Narrow Down Your Retro Wedding Theme

Choosing a specific vintage theme, such as a rock ‘n’ roll 50s wedding or a free-spirited 60s wedding, is crucial to pulling off an authentic vintage wedding in this day and age. It’s essential to conduct thorough research to ensure that the fashion and décor chosen for your wedding accurately represent the selected decade. This attention to detail will help to create an overall cohesive vintage look and feel for your wedding. If you and your partner prefer a bright color palette, unique textures, and funky florals, we suggest the groovy 70s theme. Or, if you like neon colors, dramatic decor, and pops of playful petals, we say go with the spunky 80s decade. No matter the time period, transport your guests back to the good ole days with unique and spot-on decor.

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Go Thrifting

Browsing your local thrift shops can be a great way to find those timeless and genuine pieces to achieve an authentic vintage look for a wedding. For example, a groovy mid-century modern wedding may incorporate velvet couches and gold accents often found at thrift stores. From furniture and décor to fashion accessories and tableware, going thrifting can help create a truly one-of-a-kind vintage wedding while minimizing expenses with second-hand pieces.

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Identify Popular Flowers by Decade

Popular 50s Wedding Blooms
The 50s were all about elegant, refined, and thick-petal blooms. To bring back that cool cat feeling of the 50s, you can incorporate flowers like bouvardia, white orchids, and gardenias. These “ginchy” blooms will add sophistication and style to your wedding day.

Classic 60s Wedding Flowers
The 60s had a more groovy vibe, and carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, and alstroemeria were popular wedding blooms of the decade. Bringing back the hippie, mod, or peace era with flower power will ensure you achieve this far our retro look with a bold and youthful style.

Trendy 70s Wedding Flowers
The 70s were full of funky and cool wildflowers like daisies, anemones, sunflowers, and poppies. These blooms were often paired with earthy shades and oversized floral prints to create a bohemian or rustic-style wedding. You can also add some disco elements to bring back the energy of the outta sight era.

Timeless 80s Wedding Bloom
The 80s leaned into bold and vibrant flowers like stargazer lilies, roses, babies breath, and lilacs. These blooms were totally awesome back in the day and were often included in grand arrangements and paired with bright neon colors for a flashy and electric vibe.

If you are planning an authentic vintage wedding, one of the best tips is to consult the professionals here at Flora D’ Amore. Our design team has the knowledge and experience to help you create a seamless, authentic vintage theme for your special day. Between selecting the right flowers and matching the perfect décor to your chosen vintage decade, your vintage wedding will be nothing less than flawless.