Wedding Flower Alternatives for a Seamless Swap

Every couple’s wedding vision is unique and specific to their personality and style. From the venue and time of year to the decor and types of flowers, each detail is just as important as the next. Here at Flora D’ Amore, we do all we can to bring your vision to life and exceed your expectations. However, it may be necessary to substitute out-of-season blooms, unavailable flowers, or stems that fall beyond your budget. In those cases, there is no reason to stress or worry. With hundreds of brilliant wedding flowers to utilize, below is a list of alternatives for some of the most popular wedding blooms that bring the same flawless look and feel. 

The bride's bouquet of peonies


Luxurious, soft, and romantic peonies are a beloved and coveted bloom that florists, brides, and grooms often include in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding arrangements. Because of their allure, popularity, and quality, these flowers are always in high demand and prove a little more costly than others. If peonies are out of stock or don’t seem to fit your budget, we recommend carnations, garden roses, ranunculus, double tulips, or dahlias.

Beautiful colorful dahlias flowers in woman hands close up in rustic room. Florist in linen dress hiding behind beautiful autumn bouquet. Atmospheric aesthetic image. Autumn season in countryside


Dahlias are bold, quirky, perfectly symmetrical, eye-catching wedding flowers but can also be described as sophisticated, soft, and elegant. With their range of types and colors, from deep red to graceful white, couples and florists have a lot to work with. However, their popularity may result in a lack of dahlias for your wedding designs. If you need to make a swap, turn your attention to other showstopping blooms like protea, football mums, cremone mums, and zinnias.

pink and white anemones in glass vase. Bunch pastel color. the concept of a florist in a flower shop. Wallpaper.


Whimsical, elegant, airy, yet dramatic, anemones are another favorite wedding bloom. No matter the design, arrangement, or bouquet, anemones will certainly catch anyone’s attention. But sometimes, their small sweet size or popularity can concern floral designers and wedding planners. If you need a replacement that offers a similar style, take a look at ranunculus, poppies, zinnias, gerbera daisies, hellebores, and poppies.

Bunch of fresh delphinium. Woman florist holds a bouquet of delphinium. gradient flowers from blue to purple


Larkspur gives a dreamy pop of pastel accent to any centerpiece, wedding bouquet, or ceremony arrangement with their gentle hues of pink, purple, blue, and white. Their striking shape and height create lovely textures and stylish levels as they are nestled amongst other stems. Depending on your needs and desires, larkspur can also be substituted by snapdragons, daisies, gladioli, anemones, mattiolas, and poppies.

Bride holding baby breath's gypsophila bouquet , close up

Baby’s Breath 

Baby’s breath undoubtedly had its moment in the spotlight over the last few years with its rustic, simple, loose, free, and playful look and feel. As the excitement around baby’s breath begins to fade and new trends enter the spotlight, capturing the same airy and quaint feel that we have come to adore can still be achieved with other options. These can include Queen Anne’s lace, rice flower, waxflower, Leptospermum, chamomile, heather, and Limonium.

Woman in White Blouse Holding Pampas Grass. Lifestyle.Reed Plume Stem, Dried Pampas Grass, Decorative Feather Plant Arrangement for Home, Trendy Home Decor.

Pampas Grass 

While baby’s breath is becoming less popular, pampas grass is rapidly increasing in popularity. Pampas grass brings a boho-chic, carefree, and classy feel to centerpieces, arrangements, and bouquets, especially when coupled with elegant and timeless flowers. Since pampas grass is a hot commodity, a good idea is to have a backup plan and substitutes ready if stock is low. Alternatives to pampas grass that bring the same flair are stypha grass, muhly grass, oriental feather grass, and feather reed grass.

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, but working with a florist to bring your wedding to life can help ease your stress. Even if you stumble over a bump in the road and are unable to include one of your favorite wedding blooms, there is no reason for additional anxiety or sleepless nights. Instead, the professionals here at Flora D’ Amore are always ready to seamlessly swap out problematic flowers with brilliant alternatives.