Your Guide to Winter Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Winter weddings are unlike any others with their abundance of cozy, romantic, whimsical, and heartwarming looks and feelings. While some weddings are held in a favorite city or hometown during the wintery season, others may be tucked away in the mountains or overlooking a frozen tranquil lake. No matter your location, bringing the seasonal elements into your wedding design through white birch, holiday flocking, and pinecones and dressing in classic velvet, elegant satin, chic faux fur, or something extraordinary creates a picture-perfect scene that guests will not soon forget.

Although winter weddings have proven themselves time and time again, some brides and grooms are hesitant and assume the floral selection during this time of year is scarce compared to others. The experts here at Flora D’ Amore are proving this a myth and sharing a wealth of wonderful winter blooms, luxurious greenery, seasonal elements, timeless accessories, and trending color schemes to inspire your own wedding bouquet and floral designs.

Bouquet of red roses with herbs and berries. Bouquet in the hands of the bride. Image with selective focus and toning.

In-Season Winter Flowers 

This joyous time of year brings us a plethora of brilliant blooms to have fun with and incorporate into any winter wedding style or theme. From romantic red flowers and snowy winter whites to your favorite blooms that can also be found in spring, summer, or fall, there is a gorgeous range at your fingertips. Classic flowers like roses, anemones, lilies, orchids, carnations, and ranunculus pair effortlessly with winter-loving and seasonal blooms, including protea, scabiosa, gardenia, wildflower, amaryllis, hellebore, stephanotis, and star of Bethlehem. Filling your wedding bouquet with a generous amount of greenery and floral accents also breathes fresh life and variety into the design. This season we love to see evergreen leaves, fern, eucalyptus, sage green lamb’s ear, Queen Anne’s lace, waxflower, aster, thistle, gypsophila, and hypericum.

Winter wedding bouquet

Additions from Mother Nature

Some of the most creative and stylish events of the year are winter weddings. This is partly due to the marvelous and noteworthy floral designs that incorporate more than fresh stems and greenery. Mother Nature provides a remarkable assortment of seasonal elements that add charm, personality, and excitement to bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding florals. Think dried lotus pods, dusty miller, pinecones, pheasant feathers, juniper boughs, red berries, brunia, and snowdrops.

Bright winter christmas bouquet in snowy forest

Seasonal Bouquet Accessories

After all of the season’s natural elements have been gathered and arranged, select a few finishing touches to bring your wedding dreams to life. This may be ribbon, sequins, metallics, pearls, rhinestones, lace, or even your grandmother’s favorite broach. A couple of timeless ideas that generate holiday spirit are tying a satin ribbon around the stems of your bouquet and fashioning a uniform line down the center with rhinestones or pearls or fastenings rhinestones or pearls to the center of select blooms to jazz it up.

The bride in a white fur coat with a bouquet of white flowers and greenery in the background of a winter landscape

Popular Color Combinations 

Perhaps the first step to creating a vision for your winter wedding bouquet is narrowing down a color scheme. Some people are genuinely surprised to discover the endless amount of winter tones, hues, and color combinations this season offers. Don’t get overwhelmed! While there are many ways to inspire visions of serene snow scenes, cozy feelings, and holiday spirit, begin by deciding between only a few at a time. Some of the most popular winter bouquet color palettes are bright, cheerful red and snowy white, white with dusty blue, reds with pinks, all-white hues, soft pinks coupled with pastel blues, and moody, dark tones matched with rich greenery and natural elements.

This wondrous and magical time of year presents couples with a fantastic variety of seasonal flowers, wintry elements, and stylish accessories to give your wedding the look and feel you have been dreaming of. Honor your personal style and start getting creative by building a mood board based on inspiration from websites and magazines. As you collaborate with your wedding florist on the design of your bouquet, having a specific vision and focus will ensure a smooth and easy process. Your trusted friends here at Flora D’ Amore are always happy and willing to provide further tips, ideas, and guidance.