New Year, New Wedding Trends: See What’s In Style for 2022

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! The New Year is here and with it, we are bringing some of the best wedding trends of 2020, 2021, and even past decades as well as cultural inspiration (thank you Bridgerton) and new ways to celebrate weddings. As we pass the torch to 2022, we cannot wait to see which trends stick around from the pandemic, such as micro weddings, and which new trends catch the eye of newly engaged couples. To get started, the trusted experts here at Flora D’ Amore are counting down our favorite trends you are sure to see this New Year. 

Our Favorite Wedding Trends for 2022  


Curated Guest Lists

In 2020 and 2021 we saw small and micro weddings rapidly grow in popularity, both out of necessity and preference. In 2022, we are pleased to report that this trend is continuing and does not seem to be fading anytime soon as the majority of couples are creating a wedding guest list of merely 35-70 people. Are the days of large weddings with hundreds of guests behind us for good?


Romantic path to wedding banquet in beautiful green garden

Natural Elements & Inspiration from Mother Nature

Nature has claimed the spotlight when it comes to 2022 wedding decor, perhaps due to the increased interest in outdoor activities that sparked during the pandemic. This year, garden weddings, beach weddings, mountain weddings, and venues with scenic and breathtaking views are most popular. Indoor weddings are also incorporating elements from Mother Nature with an abundance of lush and luxurious botanicals, greenery, florals, and wooden accents.



Quality Over Quantity

As guest lists are decreasing in size, there is a larger budget to accommodate more refinery, personalization, and unique details. Couples in 2022 are putting a significant emphasis on quality and opting for their dream tablescape, showstopping centerpieces, their ideal wedding bouquets, fabulous floral walls and installations, and even customized food menus.


Closeup of white wedding cake with flowers on top. cake on the cake-shelf. white milk cream. cake decorated with pink and purple flowers

Cakes of Art

The last bunch of years saw traditional wedding cakes taking a back seat to fun alternatives like cupcake towers, doughnut walls, and even macaroons and other tasty treats.  However, 2022 is the year wedding cakes are making a brilliant comeback! Couples are working with professional cake designers to truly create a jaw-dropping work of art that includes fresh flowers, vivid colors, dramatic details, and so much more.


Romantic outdoor wedding in the old greenhouse- white tablecloth, empty glasses, white table setting, wild fresh flowers

Weekday Weddings

Weekday weddings are another trend of 2022 that came as a result of the pandemic. As couples from 2020 and 2021 plan their “wedding redo” or postponed wedding, brides and grooms of 2022 are struggling to secure their desired venue on a weekend. Although this may seem like a trend out of necessity, weekday weddings prove to come with a lower price tag and offer the opportunity for multiple days of celebration.


Wedding on the beach. Beautiful wedding arch, decorated with flowers

Bold & Vibrant Color Is Back

Breathing in new life into 2022 weddings are pops of vivid hues and vibrant colors. Whether multi-colored blooms against black and white or white and gold foundational palettes, hints of a single bright hue in a monochromatic palette, or an unexpected pop of blissful energy, colors are beginning to replace the beloved muted tones of the past.


Wedding. Banquet. Mr. and Mrs. signs on wooden board decorated by flowers and greenery and lounge zone including chairs and tables.

Statement Piece

An essential theme of weddings is bringing the couple’s style and personalities to life. In 2022, what better way to do so than with a statement lounge area, floral installation, or creative sign or art that illuminates their love and creates an enhanced experience for their wedding guests.


Festive wedding table setting with flowers, napkins, cutlery, glasses and candles, bright summer table decor.

Loose, Airy, Fresh Flower Arrangements

Flower trends for 2022 weddings continue to follow the path to free-spirited, natural, loose, and airy. Large and lush floral arrangements create whimsical centerpieces and table runners, asymmetrical floral walls and backdrops, and eye-catching hanging floral baskets to elevate the atmosphere.


Handsome groom kissing blonde beautiful bride in magical fairy tale carriage in sunlit park

Bridgerton Inspired Style

Drama, romance, passion, and all of the glamour and elegance of the Regency-era, Bridgerton, the popular Netflix series, is making its way from television screens to 2022 weddings. Fans of the hit show, as well as brides and grooms seeking a look and feel of royalty, have been using Bridgerton as style inspiration for their big day. From grand ballrooms and venues offering ornate historic architecture to luxurious blooms and lavish floral designs, 2022 couples are fully embracing the grandeur.

We love all of these wedding trends and expect them to be around well beyond 2022. After all, natural elements, personal touches, and an experience to remember are what all weddings should be about. For more trending topics, guidance, and the most stunning wedding flowers in Everett and Lynnwood, call the experts here at Flora D’ Amore