Tropical Wedding Flowers for the Ultimate Romantic Paradise

Whether you’re planning to jet off to a tropical paradise or bring the tropical paradise to your local wedding venue, there is an abundance of vibrant, energetic, and lush flowers that will give your wedding day the perfect island vibe. From serene Hawaiian styles to bold Caribbean atmospheres and even simple and modern tropics to art deco aesthetics, there are so many ways to incorporate tropical stems to achieve the ideal look and feel for your unique wedding. Here at Flora D’ Amore, our wedding floral designers are sharing a few tips and flowers that will help you create a bright and luxurious island-inspired wedding. 

Collection of tropical wedding flowers

Tropical Flowers to Include in Wedding Arrangements

Tropical blooms like hibiscus, anthurium, birds of paradise, protea, and of course, orchids all offer vivid and exotic hues, shapes, and styles. The bold visual impact these flowers have on wedding bouquets, and arrangements is enough to transport you and your wedding guests to your favorite tropical island paradise. Imagine exchanging vows under a wedding arch filled with tropical red beauties and green palm leaves, holding a cascading bouquet of colors with textures and shapes that complement one another, or adorning your sweetheart table with striking blooms that create a magnificent focal point. 

Hawaiian Wedding Lei

Serene Elegance on the Beach for Hawaii-Style Weddings

Tying the knot Hawaiian style should feel serene, graceful, and harmonious. While connecting to nature, from the mountains and volcanoes to the sand and ocean, soft flowers like plumeria and orchids will convey tranquility, beauty, and elegance. As the bride or groom, consider wearing leis around your neck or shoulders and a Haku lei around your head to add an element of Hawaiian tradition. 

Beautiful tropical flora wedding decoration idea

Color Palettes with Tropical Energy and Festive Caribbean Vibes

A more colorful, energetic, and festive tropical wedding style takes cues from the Caribbean. With a wide and vibrant color palette, including vivid greenery, red, and orange, tropical wedding flowers like heliconia and birds of paradise paired with monstera leaves often take center stage. Since these blooms are naturally tall and draw the eye up, utilizing them in bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony arches creates a natural whimsical and asymmetrical look. 

Blue and white tropical wedding flowers

Simple and Modern Indoor Island Weddings

If you’re planning an indoor wedding with beachy, island, or tropical vibes, you have the freedom to opt for whatever style or aesthetic speaks to you. For something more simple, modern, and sleek, look towards birds of paradise or lovely blue orchids with fresh eucalyptus or other green accents. From centerpieces to hanging garlands and everything else in between, add a touch of paradise through your favorite island-inspired wedding flowers. 

Tropical art deco style wedding

Tropical Art Deco Aesthetics

Whether inside or outside, going the art deco route brings new life and fresh energy into your tropical wedding design. From sunburst shapes to triangular terrariums and gold stands, these pieces pair seamlessly and beautifully with rich tropical hues. Emerald green palm leaves, large coral, fuchsia, yellow, and orange petals, and even deep blue blooms stand out against fantastic gold metals while offering 80s pop and Miami styles. 

A wooden raft with a bouquet of dried flowers and candles floats in a pool of blue water. Wedding decorations.

Floating Florals for Small Poolside Events

Small weddings, bridal showers, bach bashes, and rehearsal dinners that are held poolside are stylish soirees. Radiate elegance and sophistication by creating large floral pieces that softly float around the pool while you dine and celebrate. Red anthuriums and other colorful flowers are perfect for festive events, while white, blue, or neutral tones offer a lovely and modern aesthetic. 

Embracing island vibes for your wedding, whether inspired by the serenity of Hawaii or the energy of the Caribbean, gives you the opportunity to bring the tropics to your big day. With your favorite exotic blooms, the experts at Flora D’ Amore are ready to turn your wedding design into paradise. 

Tropical Flowers to add dimension and style to your wedding