Winter Formal Style Guide: Fresh Flowers & Fashion

Step into the winter season’s most glamorous occasions with style and grace! A winter formal, often taking place in December or January, calls for stylish elegance that’s beautifully complemented by seasonal blooms. Likewise, some of the ritziest New Year’s Eve parties—think ballrooms and plush venues—also qualify as winter formals and are the perfect setting to show off a statement corsage or boutonniere. From twinkling December galas to New Year’s Eve extravaganzas, the professionals at Flora D’ Amore are guiding you toward the most fashionable match made in floral heaven. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to pair your formal outfit with winter flowers, boutonnieres, and corsages, sure to make you the talk of the season.

Christmas bow tie and red roses

Winter Formal Attire for Men

For guys attending a winter formal or elegant New Year’s Eve party, a suit with dress shoes is the classic go-to choice. However, don’t be afraid to select unique dress pants or a festive button-down to let your personality shine. From ties and bowties to a stylish sweater or jacket if it’s cold outside, there are many directions you can go in if a black suit isn’t your thing. Finally, a boutonniere is the perfect finishing touch for any winter formal attire. While these small floral pieces typically get pinned to your lapel, if you plan on layering up to go outside, it’s best to fasten your boutonniere at the event to keep the blooms fresh and lively.

Red dress and red rose corsage

Winter Formal Attire for Ladies

For gals who love to dress up in fabulous gowns and cocktail dresses, you have probably been looking forward to your winter formal events and New Year’s Eve parties since last year. Although it might be cold outside, there is no reason to compromise fashion for warmth. Whether you opt for timeless pumps or high-heeled boots, bring out the chic long coats, shawls, and capes, and pair your short dresses with warm yet sleek tights. There is no better way to accessorize this season than with fresh winter blooms as a corsage. As with the gentlemen, if you plan on wearing an overcoat with snug sleeves, we recommend holding off on wearing that corsage until you arrive inside at the event. Trust us, your flowers will thank you.

blue suit and matching corsage and boutonniere

Matching Flowers to Your Formal Outfit

Adding the right flowers to your outfit can take your look to another level, creating a signature style perfect for any winter formal or New Year’s event. Before choosing just any flowers to go with your dress or suit, think critically about these fresh accessories. Of course, you want to ensure the blooms you select are in season. You also want to think about how they will complement your entire ensemble, whether the petals blend in or stand out as a complementary hue. Finally, accent your corsage or boutonniere with tiny touches of matching shades to create a beautiful color palette.

Black suit with white flower boutonniere

Dark & Moody

For a winter formal, navy, black, and rich jewel tones like emerald or ruby are surefire winners to achieve a classy and sleek look. A cream calla lily boutonniere set against a backdrop of a black, navy, or deep burgundy jacket is the epitome of elegance. Consider incorporating accents like hypericum berries, gypsophila (also known as baby’s breath), or waxflower. These small additions add texture and make your boutonniere or corsage a real eye-catcher.

Maroon and white corsage

Bright & Cheerful

When it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve soirées, ruby reds and shimmering sparkles steal the show. To harmonize your outfit with sophisticated flair, opt for smooth, neutral-colored blooms that add a sprinkle of seasonal magic without stealing your outfit’s thunder. Trust us, classic snowy white flowers are a dreamy choice. From enchanting white anemones to exquisite orchids and romantic roses, you’ll capture the essence of winter chic.

White sweater and succulent boutonniere

Winter Whites & Neutrals

When you’re working with a canvas of white, beige, or other neutral tones, that’s your cue to let your blooms truly shine. You could go with just about any color, but to capture the essence of the winter season, go luxe. Think lavish winter greenery adorned with rustic pinecone accents. If you’re craving a pop of festive colors, deep, rich shades like burgundy ranunculus or striking blue thistle are the perfect touches of winter opulence.

From centerpieces to wearable flowers and even a fresh bouquet for your date, connect with Flora D’ Amore to ensure your next winter formal is a night to remember.