Tips for Making Your Holiday Open House Merry & Bright

Planning an open house, whether an annual sale, holiday tour, or festive weekend event, is never complete without fresh seasonal flowers. Just like you would display floral arrangements at a wedding or large event, adorning your store or business with winter blooms and natural accents should be an important task on your to-do list. Not only do they add splashes of color and warm holiday cheer, but they allure and captivate, inviting people to stop in, admire, and even do a little shopping. At Flora D’ Amore, we’re sharing a few fresh floral design ideas to elevate your next winter open house.
sign on the store with the inscription open. decorated with christmas decorations.

Make Your Signage Pop for People on the Street

One of the best ways to increase walk-in traffic is by highlighting your signage. From your store sign to the open sign or a special event board about your open house, there are numerous opportunities for decorating with winter accents. Lush garland and holly berries or other seasonal greenery can frame the sign and grab attention, encouraging people to read and come inside.
Stylish vintage clock and christmas fir branches with baubles and poinsettia close up on building exterior. Modern christmas decor in city street, christmas star flower. Winter holidays in Europe

Enhance Curb Appeal to Invite Guests In 

Impressive exterior floral designs are another way to engage passersby and window shoppers. Make these flower arrangements eye-catching and simply sensational so people have no choice but to pause and admire them. Think bright poinsettias or seasonal planters on either side of your door to liven up the entryway or large flower installations and twinkling lights to catch anyone’s attention.
Christmas wreath detail of evergreen and berries on wooden background. Natural Nandian network, green branch and rustic wood crown

Deck the Halls with Accents That Bloom 

Once inside, guests should be immersed in a warm environment that makes them want to stay for a while. Your holiday open house decor should follow cues from nature and the season of joy and cheer. Hang festive garlands or incorporate ornaments, ribbons, and bells to accent the fresh winter flowers. After all the florals and decor are in place, don’t forget the soft seasonal tunes to complete the ambiance.
Smiling flower shop worker making christmas compositions

Highlight In-Store Items and Spruce Up the Showroom

Since flowers draw the eye, they can also guide your guests and customers to specific areas around your business. Get creative with arrangements to highlight new giftware, sales, and in-store items. Bright blooms and bouquets that complement the hues already featured in your business are key. Rich jewel tones can be paired with shimmering winter whites, while classic poinsettias pair elegantly with warm and cozy gifts.
Christmas bouquet. Red flower of

Bring Joy to the Overall Guest Experience

In addition to the allure of brilliant blooms, having them as open house decor is an easy way to fill your business with holiday cheer and seasonal joy.  It’s no secret that fresh flowers and plants make people happy and brighten their spirits. When guests are relaxed and having a lovely time at your event, whether admiring the flowers or feeling the warm fuzziness of the season, they will associate your business with these feelings. Positive experiences are a surefire way to turn open house guests into returning customers.
Collaborate with the event experts at Flora D’ Amore to ensure your winter open house is a flourishing success.
Warm holiday open house