Seven Fun Wedding Superstitions and Lucky Flowers for Bouquets

Like most traditions, there are many wedding traditions that stem from symbolic acts or superstitions. Some, such as carrying a bouquet of flowers, are believed to ward off evil and bring good luck, love, and prosperity to the newlyweds. The wedding flowers you choose for your big day are also rich in symbolism and superstitions that have evolved from ancient times to the modern day, resulting in the trendy wedding floral designs we see and admire today. Here at Flora D’ Amore, we are diving into seven lucky superstitions around popular wedding blooms that are said to lead you down a path to a successful future with your love. 

7 Lucky Wedding Flower Superstitions

Family throwing rose petals at the newly wed bride and groom

Carry Roses to Enhance Love

Whether you’ve read about them in literature or poetry or heard about them in a song or fairytale, roses are a magnificent symbol of love and romance. In Greek weddings, roses play a prominent role during the ceremonial “Dance of the Isaiah,” as these blooms are also believed to symbolize fertility. As the couple getting married circles the altar three times during the dance, rose petals are tossed toward them, filling the air with romance. This may sound familiar if you have ever attended a wedding in other parts of the world and thrown rose petals as the newlyweds exited their ceremony hand-in-hand while rejoicing in their love and inviting abundance into their marriage.
A wall of common ivy. Usable as a background or texture. Also known as european ivy, english ivy or ivy.

Ivy for Never-Ending Love

The superstition around carrying ivy in bridal bouquets also originated in Greece. In addition to warding off witches, ivy was thought to conceal drunkenness. This would ensure that the bride, while indulging in libations, would uphold a poise and elegant demeanor during the wedding celebrations. Ivy was also popular to include in wedding florals as a symbol of the never-ending love the bride and groom shared. 

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Include Ringing Bells as a Reminder of Your Vows

The ringing of church bells can often be heard from miles away during important events or special holidays. In Ireland, wedding bells are a way to rid the couple of evil spirits and ensure a harmonious life as newlyweds. Ringing bells are also a popular wedding gift and are included in the bouquets of Irish brides. It is also said that whenever the bells ring, the bride and groom are reminded of the sacred vows they shared at the altar. 

Tender pink peony with small water droplets in macro. Flower bud in bloom. Valentines Day, Romance, wedding, invitation card concept

Peonies for a Prosperous Future

Peonies have become modern and trendy wedding blooms. However, there is more to this story than beautiful pastel flowers that fit your event’s color palette. In China, peonies have always been a popular flower to incorporate into weddings to enhance wealth and prosperity. Whether the bloom itself was included in bouquets or the shape of peonies was embroidered onto the bride’s outfit, the symbolism was just as strong. In Korea, peonies are also a frequent flower to spot in wedding centerpieces as they are believed to symbolize a happy marriage and passion.
Fresh bouquet garni with different herbs on an old wooden table

Herbs to Ward Off Evil

Before bridal bouquets evolved into a stunning collection of unique shapes and colors to create an alluring look and feel for weddings, they started as a fragrant collection of herbs and garlic. The origin of carrying a bouquet can be traced back to the ancient Romans and was a way of keeping away evil spirits that wreak havoc and chaos or curse the bride and groom. Some of the herbs and spices included in these bouquets also had a symbolic connection to faithfulness and fertility. 

Wedding bouquet with pink lilies at the sea

Lilies to Attract Positive Spirits

It makes sense that brides might choose to carry lilies in their bridal bouquets as a symbol of elegance, love, grace, romance, and femininity. However, in Polynesian weddings, the officiant binds the couple’s wrists together during the ceremony (or “ties the knot”) using a lovely garland of evergreen cordyline fructose lily, or palm lilies. These sacred blooms are thought to deter evil spirits as well as attract positive ones.
Bride throwing the bouquet at wedding

Bouquet Tosses for Good Luck

A fun wedding tradition that has transformed over time is the bouquet toss. Today, a bouquet toss is an amusing way to predict which single woman might be next to get married. When the bouquet toss first began in the Victorian Ages, however, it was a way to bring safety and good luck to whoever caught the flying flowers. Whether you love or dislike the joyful tradition, it may just be your ticket to a lucky future. 

Learning about superstitions is an interesting way to pinpoint the origins of some of your favorite wedding traditions and symbolic flowers. Regardless of your superstitious beliefs, let the wedding experts here at Flora D’ Amore work with you to create a breathtaking event with symbolic flowers to celebrate your love or special event. 

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