Enhance Your Next Gathering with Meaningful Blooms

When planning a special event to celebrate something significant, fresh flowers are a must. Flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and simple decor perfect for embellishing any indoor or outdoor event. From charity events to luxury parties, floral arrangements are the most important decorative feature of any special occasion. Here are a few examples of how flowers enhance an event:

  • Flowers create an idyllic and magical atmosphere.
  • Flowers are warm, welcoming, and wow guests with their beauty.
  • Flowers make any venue more polished and elegant.
  • Flowers evoke feelings of happiness, joy, cheer, and positivity.
  • Flowers make guests feel special and valued.

Flowers also carry secret messages that give special occasions more significance. When looking at flowers to include in your next event, it’s important to consider their specific meaning.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flower Arrangements for Your Next Event

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Best Flowers for a Retirement Party

Retiring after years in the workforce is definitely worth celebrating, and a great way to commemorate this significant moment is with a retirement party. Ideas for a retirement party include a golf theme, beach theme, fishing theme, bingo, or trivia based on the retiree’s life. Make sure to choose a party idea that speaks to the retiree’s character, likes, and hobbies. Once you’ve settled on a theme, select blooms that will match in color and decor. Flowers perfect for retirement parties are classic blooms such as daffodils, calla lilies, daisies, and white carnations, all of which symbolize new beginnings and closing one chapter of life while welcoming the next one.

White phalaenopsis or Moth dendrobium Orchid flower. White Orchids Isolated on blur background. butterfly orchids. Closeup of white phalaenopsis orchid.

Best Flowers for a 60th Birthday

Turning 60 is a big deal and should be celebrated with an epic party. Reaching this milestone age is referred to as the “diamond jubilee” and the beginning of the golden years. In Chinese culture, turning 60 indicates the completion of all cycles of the Chinese zodiac, wherein the celebrant is back in their birth zodiac and symbolically starting a new life cycle.

Flowers for a 60th birthday party signify the importance of this event and elevate the venue’s look and feel. Popular flowers for a 60th birthday are a bouquet of gorgeous red roses (is there anything more special?!) and beautiful, exotic orchids that symbolize love, good luck, and good things to come.

Ideas for a 60th birthday celebration include music, food, and dancing – focusing on the guest of honor’s favorite foods and music or favorite restaurant for a venue. Remember these tips – celebrate the person and not the age, avoid generic-store bought decorations, and focus on making the guest of honor feel loved and appreciated by celebrating their life, accomplishments, and admirable qualities.

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Best Flowers for a Milestone Anniversary

Celebrating the number of years you’ve been with someone is magical and beautiful, especially if you’ve reached a milestone number of years, such as 25 or 50. Adding flowers to such an important event will make it shine, sparkle, and radiate with love and romance. When planning for a 25-year wedding celebration, you have a variety of floral options to choose from. You can include the flowers representing your anniversary year, which is the iris for 25 years together, and yellow roses and violets for 50 years together, along with some of your favorite blooms. You can also include flowers in the color that represents your anniversary year: silver represents 25 years, and gold for 50 years.

Party ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary include a silver-themed fete, a theme representing the decade they got married, or an elegant black-and-white party with silver enhancements. Add flowers that speak the language of love and romance, such as lilies, which represent happiness and positivity; orchids for good luck, love, and strength; roses for romantic love, beauty, and passion; and gladiolus, which symbolize infatuation.

Floral table centerpiece with red, pink and orange Gerbera Daisy's, peach - yellow roses, filler flowers on an indigo tablecloth with purple glass bottle, lit candles in dark turquoise holders.

Best Flowers for Celebration of Life Events

Honoring the memory of a deceased loved one is a fundament part of all cultures and is done in various ways. A relatively new practice gaining popularity in the U.S. is the celebration of life ceremony. Unlike formal, traditional funerals, celebrations of life have no set rituals. They are less formal and more cheerful, casual, and festive as good memories and good times of the deceased are celebrated and shared with others. Often depending on the wishes of the family, a celebration of life party might include music, dancing, an open bar, a brightly-colored dress code, and plenty of story-telling.

When selecting flowers for a Celebration of Life event, you have a lot more room to work with, as there are no set rules. A good place to start is with the favorite flower or favorite color of the person being celebrated. With a celebration of life, you don’t have to stick with white or muted florals. Instead, bright and cheery blooms and lovely-scented flowers like tuberose, stargazer lilies, and honeysuckle will help brighten the mood of the event.

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Whether a big event or a small one, any of life’s celebrated occasions should include flowers. Besides adding color and fragrance, flowers make the space more cheerful and aesthetically captivating. Florals beautify, enhance, lift people’s moods, and make everyone feel special and valued. For your next event, contact Flora D’ Amore to make it memorable and amazing.

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