The Perfect Decor for Your Red Themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMWedding trends have been pulling away from traditional whites and pastels and entering more into the realm of the bold, bright color palette. This trend is epitomized in the color red as a primary decor selection.

Red also happens to be the color of January, so if you’re planning a January wedding, you might strongly consider this impactful design choice. Here’s how to make your wedding decor stand out from the rest:

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Red is the color of love and passion, and this can really come through in your flower choices. Red flowers in your bouquets, boutonnieres, church accents, centerpieces and other decor can be the perfect way to convey your theme of choice. Consider these artful ways to exude red throughout your wedding:

Lilies and roses. The combination of lilies and roses can bring a truly elegant and unique effect to your wedding day decor. With red as the primary color and other rich, deep tones and textures throughout, your wedding decor will be far from ordinary.

Everett-Golf-Club-Wedding-371-14053053839Red asters.
The aster is like a premiere, refined version of the daisy, and it can take a country-themed wedding to new heights of class and elegance. Pair asters with the classic red rose for even more impact.

Centerpiece accents. Whether you choose a red flower as your main component or as an accent flower, the centerpiece is the perfect place to showcase and highlight your red color theme. Roses, carnations and tropical blooms in red will take their breath away on the table at your reception.

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Continue your red wedding theme with the following accent ideas:

Table settings. Pair a red table cloth with pure white dinnerware for a truly stunning effect. Use crimson ribbons and bows as well to highlight the theme and complete your red-themed table setting.

Church and reception candles. Decorating with red pillar candles as well as tapers and tea lights can light up your event with style and grace.

Your wedding cake. Conclude your wedding day meal with an artfully designed wedding cake. You can keep the red and white counterpoint going by adding bright red frosting flowers on white for a beautiful effect.

The color red symbolizes love, passion, boldness, and a zest for life. If these qualities describe you and your partner, red just might be your ideal wedding decor color. Partner with Stadium Flowers and Flora D’ Amore to create an unforgettable wedding theme.


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