Holiday Weddings your Guests will Love

As the season begins with some gorgeoshutterstock_77685085us holiday themed winter weddings, now is the time for couples everywhere to finalize their plans for their own winter wonderland. Fresh flowers can be an excellent addition to any decoration plan. Flowers help to light up the room, incorporating rich, vibrant colors that add to the wedding theme, while also putting a smile on anyone’s face who sees them. Here are some fantastic ideas for planning some beautiful flower arrangements for every part of the wedding.

Decorating the Guests Table

Welcome the guests to the reception with some gorgeous flowers gracing every table. Use some of the colors strongly associated with the New Year, such as whites, silvers, and pale blues to add to the elegance and atmosphere of the venue. Mix in a little evergreen and perhaps some silver bells to call to mind the beautiful winter outside and there will be an arrangement that will look perfect on the reception tables.

Adding in holiday accents to the table, such as candles and foliage will also help set the tone.


Decorating the wedding venueScreen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.58.16 PM

Many couples take great pride in the decorations they select for their wedding venue for the ceremony itself. When the guests enter, greet them with the vibrant, lovely reds that can only come with the beautiful poinsettia. These traditional Christmas flowers will call to mind the festive atmosphere that often accompanies the holidays, which will help to get everyone in the mood to celebrate. The stunning colors will also add elegance and beauty that will make the entire wedding venue shine and make everything come together perfectly.

The bridal bouquet

Winter weddings are known for their traditional colors and elegance. Tap into that sentiment and use a bouquet of beautiful red roses interlaced with some baby’s breath for the bridal bouquet. Red roses are well known for their associations with passionate love, making them a perfect choice for any wedding. The vibrant colors will also help the bouquet provide a perfect contrast to the bride’s dress as well as the winter wonderland outside. This type of bouquet has a sense of timelessness that should be well appreciated by any bride having a winter wedding.

Winter weddings are the perfect time to celebrate love and commitment in a ceremony that is rife with symbolism and the traditional colors and beauty of the winter holidays. Treat the guests to a feast for the senses and use a variety of beautiful blooms to create a stunning and memorable experience for everyone involved. Keep the above ideas in mind to get started.

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