How to Capture the Best Photos of Flowers at Events

Engagement parties, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, quinceañeras, graduation celebrations, retirement parties, and other important occasions are often celebrated with beautiful floral designs and grand bouquets. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor celebration, flowers have the power to captivate our attention and in return, we feel the need to capture their allure in photographs. To help you snap the perfect pictures of blooms at special events, the professionals here at Flora D’ Amore are sharing tips and tricks on staging, lighting, and more. 

Beautiful Wedding Restaurant Flower Table Decoration

Choosing a Flawless Background

When finding the best background to photograph a floral centerpiece or bouquet, select one that elevates the flowers. Try a minimal background like a grassy field, rock wall, simple red barn, or nearby pond. Centerpieces, of course, do well on fully set tables with folded napkins, flatware, and lighted candles. The most important thing to remember about a background or staged setting is that it should not take away or distract from the blooms; instead, it should be a wonderful complement.

Woman smelling pink and orange flowers

How to Pose with Flower Bouquets 

When someone is posing with flowers, such as a bride and her bouquet, you want to have a clear focal point – whether it is the bride herself or the flowers she wants to show off. Posing with flowers should always feel and look natural! Avoid holding a bouquet too high so that it covers a gown or special outfit, and don’t grip the bouquet too tightly where it might look uncomfortable. It is also a good idea to come prepared with specific poses, such as intentionally holding a bouquet high and glancing down to “admire their fragrance.” Bridal bouquet on the rock. Bridal bouquet of natural flowers. Flowers on a gray big stone. Wedding rings. Natural flowers. The morning of the bride.

Getting Just the Right Lighting

Taking pictures of flowers at an indoor event allows you to control the lighting a little better. Dim the lights and use a ring light to achieve an ideal look for a dramatic shot. Or, brighten the room for a photo with vibrant and eye-catching blooms. While photographing flowers outside, the lighting can be unpredictable. An important rule is to position the sun behind the camera and be sure each petal is in focus. If the sun is brightly shining behind your subject, do your best to change locations until you can get everything in the proper position.

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Using Professional Cameras VS. Smartphones 

Less than a decade ago it was easy to tell the difference between pictures taken by a cell phone and ones taken by a camera, let alone a professional camera. However, with the advancement of technology, some iPhone pictures look even better than ones taken with a digital camera. Today, your favorite roses, lilies, and ranunculus can be beautifully captured with your own smartphone. Of course, having professional-grade cameras and special lenses outperform smartphones, but unless you have been hired as a professional photographer for an event, there is no need to make the investment.

Although it would be a dream come true if fresh flowers for events and weddings lasted forever, but alas, they do have an expiration date. On the bright side, thanks to modern technology and a few tips from your friends here at Flora D’ Amore, anyone can snap a photo and make their favorite flower, centerpiece, bouquet, or floral design last forever.