Crafting the Ideal Wedding Timeline for a Smooth Sailing Day

Food, décor, flowers, music, photos, wedding party, and the list goes on and on. While all these things come together to create your dream wedding, the key to having a perfect, seamless, and stress-free wedding day relies on your day-of-wedding timeline or itinerary. At Flora D’ Amore, our experts have seen it all and some of the most put-together wedding days revolved around a strict schedule from morning through night.

The importance of being organized and on track speaks for itself. Your wedding party, family, friends, guests, and, most importantly, your vendors all rely on a timeline to keep what could be a hectic day moving forward with ease, like a well-oiled machine. When putting together your wedding day timeline, include as many details as possible, such as who needs to be where, at what time, and doing what. As the bride or groom, your focus should be on enjoying your big day instead of running the show. So, consider hiring a wedding coordinator to ensure everyone is on schedule. With wedding planning over, now should be the time to focus on celebrating your love and soaking in every special moment of your big day.

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Timeline

Putting together the best wedding day timeline should be done weeks before the wedding day, leaving enough time to coordinate with your venue and vendors. Start by opening a blank document or Excel sheet, depending on how organized and detailed you want your itinerary. Create a general wedding day template first, then go back and fill in the details once your whole day has been mapped out. Don’t forget to factor in time for you and your wedding party to eat before the ceremony and travel time between venues if you have more than one.

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4 Hours: Pre-Ceremony / Getting Ready  

Allocate approximately four hours for you and your wedding party to get ready for the ceremony. For example, arriving at the bridal suite at 9 am will give you ample time for hair, makeup, getting dressed, and taking photos before a 1 pm ceremony. Pop the champagne and enjoy a charcuterie board or other “clean” snacks as you gear up for a long day. Try to finish all hair and makeup before the photographer arrives so you can take cute “getting ready” photos. As a groom, four hours may seem like a long time to prepare for your wedding. However, this time can also be dedicated to getting a fresh haircut or hot towel shave, reviewing vows, ensuring vendors are setting up properly, enjoying rounds of golf or poker with friends, and exchanging wedding day gifts or letters with your soon-to-be spouse.

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2.5 Hours: Photos 

Estimating the amount of time needed for photos prior to your wedding ceremony depends on the kinds of photos you want to take. Make a list of what you want your photographer to capture, such as getting ready photos, solo bride or groom portraits, pictures of the wedding party, a first look, couple portraits, and family photos, and see how long it might take to accomplish everything on your list. Then, work backward from the ceremony start time to find the optimal arrival time for your photographer. On the day of your wedding, it is critical that everyone is ready to go before the photographer arrives.

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1.5 Hours: Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can be as short or as long as you prefer, although modern ceremonies range from 20 to 30 minutes. On your wedding day timeline, it is always best to account for guest arrival times, which can be between 15 and 30 minutes prior to the time listed on the wedding invitation. You should also appoint at least two ushers to assist in seating guests during this time. After you have said, “I do,” and make your exit down the aisle, consider forming a receiving line with your wedding party to greet each guest as they leave your ceremony. Build extra time into your wedding schedule so everyone has a chance to mingle before making their way to cocktail hour.

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1 Hour: Cocktail Hour 

While the cocktail hour is self-explanatory, a few necessary items will help keep everything on track and running smoothly. Ensure there are enough bartenders to accommodate the size of your guest list and enough space for drinks to be served efficiently. If you plan to hire a wedding coordinator for the day, ask them to usher guests into the reception area at least 15 minutes beforehand so they can wrap up conversations and promptly find their seats.

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1 Hour: Reception Entrances, First Dance, Parent Dances, Speeches 

The formalities of your wedding reception should also be outlined and detailed on your wedding day timeline so your venue, coordinator, and caterer can plan accordingly. If you are planning fun entrances with your wedding party, allocate a few minutes in your itinerary and loop in your band, DJ, or other entertainment so they can assist. Then, move along to the first dance with your new husband or wife and parent dances, if desired. Some couples invite all guests to the dance floor to join in during the last minute of their first dance as newlyweds to help kick off the celebrations.

After formal dances have finished, it is typically time to listen to welcome toasts and speeches, which can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. It is always a great idea to check in with those giving toasts or speeches to ensure you have allocated enough time in your schedule and that everyone is on the same page regarding timing. Consider serving the salad or first course before these speeches, and make sure everyone has a glass of champagne ready for the toast. This will help settle any hungry stomachs and keep eager guests entertained.

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3 Hours: Dinner, Dancing, & Cake 

Finally, it is time for dinner and dancing! Before filling the dance floor with guests, consider cutting your wedding cake or serving dessert immediately after dinner if it is important that you have everyone’s attention. Most couples like giving guests plenty of time to party and incorporate fun family or cultural traditions into the reception. Before guests depart, select a meaningful “last song” and plan a beautiful sendoff or “grand exit” for you and your partner.

After spending months planning and organizing the perfect wedding, being able to enjoy it shouldn’t have to be a luxury. Take the time to picture your ideal day and plan a detailed, clear, and organized timeline to ensure you can relax, have fun, and celebrate your love. For more wedding planning tips or to create a flawless wedding design, connect with the experts at Flora D’ Amore.

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