7 Fun & Festive Reception Grand Entrance Ideas for Bride & Groom

According to tradition, once the ceremony is finished, guests go to the reception area for a cocktail hour, find their seats, and wait for the newlyweds to make their grand entrance. It’s pretty common for the bride and groom to walk in holding hands while a great song is playing and the guests applaud. This type of entrance is perfectly fine. But, if you want to jazz it up a bit and make it extra special, then the floral experts at Flora D’Amore have 7 fun and entertaining way ideas for you. After all, this is the first introduction as a married couple you will be presenting to your guests, so make it….grand!

Bride and groom holding hands up in air

1. Sparklers

For a glowing, sparkle-filled entrance, have your bridal party hold colorful sparklers overhead forming a “lighted tunnel” as you walk through. 

2. Arrive in Style

Arrive in style via a horse-pulled buggy decked out with flowers, a classic hot-rod, a luxury car, or a charming 2-seated bicycle. Pick a transportation style that showcases your and your partner’s personal style. For instance, if you both love motorcycles, then arriving on a Harley decorated with flowers would definitely be memorable and appropriate. 

Bride and groom on bicycle

3. Show Off Your Dance Moves

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to get your groove on. Have the DJ play an upbeat song while you and your groom foxtrot, waltz, rhumba, or freestyle dance your way into the reception area. Get the bridal party in on the act too for a fun and memorable moment.

4. Get in the Spotlight

If the venue allows it, dim the lights and enter with a spotlight beaming on just you and your groom while a great song is playing. Enjoy the Hollywood star treatment all the way to your table as the spotlight follows you and the two of you kiss. 

bride and groom facing each other in silhouette

5. Balloon Drop

Have a bunch of colorful balloons drop just as you enter the reception area and rush to the dancefloor. A delight for kids and adults, seeing balloons bounce across the floor while people are walking and dancing is always entertaining. You could also do a rose petal or confetti drop, too.

6. Create Romance with Fog 

Low fog machines are an inexpensive way to create a dreamy, ethereal, and misty effect as the newly married couple enters the room. Having a layer of fog covering the dance floor produces a feeling of mystery, and resembles a fairytale romance as the couple dances in it. 

bride and groom dancing on floor covered with fog

7. Have a Parade Escort You 

If the reception venue is within walking distance from where the ceremony takes place, then make a wow moment by hiring a band to lead a parade outdoors and in the streets to celebrate your love. It’s a great way to kick off a party. 

A Few Exit Ideas

  • End your wedding with a silhouette of the two of you facing each other and kiss. Then, walk away. So romantic and charming! Have family members and loved ones join soon after. 
  • Drive off down a road lined with cold sparkler machines that send a shower of bright and colorful lights into the sky as you drive to your next destination as husband and wife. 
  • Have guests make a tunnel arch with sparklers, or glow sticks, and have the couple walk underneath and out to begin their new life together.  

The grand entrance marks the transition from formal ceremony to it’s time to have fun! With a little creativity and help from your DJ, florist, and bridal party, you can make an entrance that’s festive, memorable, entertaining, and uniquely you.

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