A Guide to Selecting Symbolic Flowers for a Fundraiser

Planning a fundraiser is no small task, which is why Flora D’ Amore is here with tips on how to plan a fundraiser event and make it look and feel special and unique. A large part of a successful fundraiser is making attendees realize and believe the importance of your organization or charity and even tugging at their heartstrings. One way to do this is by immersing them in the organization’s mission through the perfect decor and jaw-dropping floral arrangements. To start, we have created a guide with fundraiser event examples and matched them with ideal, colorful, symbolic, and creative flowers.

Sunflowers and blue hydrangea make a gorgeous bouquet

Education & Schools

When hosting and designing a fundraiser for teaching materials, a specific education program, or an entire school or university, it is always a good idea to begin with the school’s colors. Flower arrangements might include hues and color combinations that pay homage to the school’s mascot. Another route to take is decor and flowers that represent what the school stands for, such as growth, wisdom, intelligence, childhood, and youth. In this case, look at sunflowers, delphiniums and lilacs, iris and aster, and daisies and roses for their symbolism.

Sunflowers: Intelligence, Inspiration, Optimism, & Growth
Delphinium & Lilac: Growth
Purple Iris & Aster: Wisdom & Intelligence
Daisy & Pink Rose: Childhood & Youthfulness

Tall bouquet of red flowers stands on a candy-bar

Sports, Clubs, & Activities

Whether raising money for new equipment, uniforms, trips, or facility upgrades, it is common for sports and clubs to hold regular fundraising events. Like schools, many sports teams, clubs, and student organizations have specific colors that help distinguish one group or team from another. However, if you are looking for meaningful flowers to help represent your team or group during a fundraiser, start with amaryllis, gladiolus, and hyacinths.

Amaryllis: Pride, Success, & Achievement
Gladiolus: Integrity, Strength, & Victory
Hyacinths (Mainly Red): Recreation & Sports

Violet flowers wedding on white background

Cancer Research

Hosting a gala or event to raise money for cancer research presents a wide range of opportunities when it comes to decor and flowers. Event planners will commonly use daffodils, as this is the dedicated bloom to represent the American Cancer Society. Additionally, you can pinpoint the type of cancer you plan to support, or perhaps you plan to dedicate the event to a person who has battled or is battling cancer. In this instance, you can turn to the color that symbolizes the type of cancer and build your decor and floral decisions based on one particular hue.

Daffodils: The American Cancer Society
All Cancer: Light Purple & Lavender
Breast Cancer: Pink
Childhood Cancer: Gold
Colon Cancer: Dark Blue
Leukemia: Orange
Sarcoma: Yellow
Thyroid Cancer: Blue, Pink, & Teal

Flowers of yellow and orange carnations with leaves and ferns on white background.

Nonprofit Organizations Supporting Health/Disease

When preparing for a fundraiser that supports a specific nonprofit health organization or a particular disease, the first step is to make sure you have done your homework. For instance, a Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser might have many carnations to signify hope and orange blooms in the flower arrangements and centerpieces. Butterflies may also provide a lovely and creative touch as they are also a symbol of MS.

Carnation: Hope
Orange: Represents MS
Butterfly: Symbol of MS

gerbera, tulips and mix of summer flowers bouquet for the wedding in the Florida. Orange roses, lily and gerbera flowers bouquet in the brown box getting ready for delivery

Support for Women & Children

There are numerous organizations and charities that support women and children, from shelters to healthcare and after-school programs. Depending on the organization you are raising money for, your fundraiser event might include pink or purple flowers, bright-colored blooms, or white orchids. It is also a wonderful touch to include elements that speak to the organization in question, such as stacking storybooks under centerpieces if it is an after-school program for young kids.

Women: Purple
Kids: Fun & Bright Colors
White Orchids: Faith, Safety, Elegance, Innocence, & Beauty

Fundraiser events for charities and nonprofit organizations open the door for you to be creative in unique ways through flowers and decor. From symbolic colors and meaningful blooms to artistic uses of everyday items or sports equipment, there are endless possibilities. For more advice on how to start designing a fundraiser event, Flora D’ Amore is here to help bring your event to life.

Flower types and colors chart for fundraisers