Why You’ll Want Fresh Eucalyptus in Your Wedding Decor

Greenery is the important and necessary supporting cast that makes flowers in a bouquet shine. Used by florists to bring floral designs to life, greenery is essential for providing a foundation for beautiful blooms. It also provides contrast, texture, rhythm, and shape to arrangements while offering a soothing green area for your eyes to rest. A popular type of greenery used by florists and loved by brides is fresh Eucalyptus. With a relaxing yet invigorating woodsy scent, with hints of mint and citrus, Eucalyptus is beloved for its versatility, modern muted palette of silvery blues and grayish greens, and variety of styles.

In some instances, fresh Eucalyptus is the main wedding decor. Playing a key role in weddings as centerpieces, table runners, and hanging garlands, Eucalyptus is the go-to greenery for today’s chic bride. The wedding flower experts at Flora D’ Amore share with you why Eucalyptus is unique and ideas for how you can incorporate it into your wedding decor.

round arch for wedding ceremony with eucalyptus

What Is Eucalyptus?

Native to Australia, Eucalyptus is a genus of over 700 flowering evergreen trees that belong to the Myrtle family. Known as “gum trees” in Australia, Eucalyptus trees grow quickly in various shapes and sizes and range in height from 33 feet to over 200 feet. A common characteristic most species of Eucalyptus trees have are thick, leathery, waxy leaves with a gray to a bluish-green color. When florists talk about “Eucalyptus,” they are generally referring to a sprig of leaves and stems that come from the trees.

When Is Eucalyptus Available?

Grown in Southern European countries such as Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, Eucalyptus is available year-round.

Handed wedding bouquet with roses and eucalyptus greenery.

Eucalyptus Symbolism

Considered a sacred tree by Australian Aboriginals, they burn the leaves of Eucalyptus trees for their purifying effects and to dissipate negative energies. Eucalyptus leaves are also good for keeping flies and small insects away as they don’t like the scent. Eucalyptus symbolizes protection and abundance, which makes it an excellent wedding decor choice for most brides.

Popular Varieties of Eucalyptus

Fresh Eucalyptus has become a staple in today’s weddings. Its aromatic fragrance, various shades of muted greens, unique texture, and long vase life make it an ideal part of any event. With so many varieties of Eucalyptus to choose from, you may not know where to begin. We can help! Below is a list of popular Eucalyptus varieties and how best to use them in your wedding decor. Each one has its own unique look, characteristics, and benefits so you’ll easily be able to find the one most suitable for your big day.

A bouquet of silver dollar eucalyptus

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: With large round leaves in a lovely, muted shade of green, it’s no wonder the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is the most popular variety. It’s perfect for adding volume, texture, and depth to any arrangement. The smooth leaves with a silvery-white color underneath add a classic, timeless look that matches any wedding aesthetic.

How to use it: Fresh Silver Dollar Eucalyptus looks great in bridal bouquets, giving them a rustic and romantic feel. This elegant greenery also works well in garlands, wedding arches, table runners, and more. Its distinct green hue is a perfect match with white florals in a white-themed wedding and looks great with vibrant blooms, too.

Eucalyptus branches on white background. Place for text. Green eucalyptus leaves isolated on white color. Floral layout. Horizontal banner mockup. Eucalyptus gunnii Silver Drop. Flat lay Top View.

Gum Drop Eucalyptus: Similar to the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, the Gum Drop variety also has smooth, round leaves that sprout from thin, reddish stems. The leaves are a bit paler, though, than Silver Dollar leaves and have a lovely sage-green color with a gorgeous silver sheen. When grouped together, they add softness and volume to arrangements pairing well with hardy blooms and rugged textures.

How to use it: Add this greenery to garlands and centerpieces for table decoration. For a soft, romantic look, pair the subtle green hues of fresh Gum Drop Eucalyptus with pink or white flowers.

A eucalyptus plants with fruits

Seeded Eucalyptus: If you want to add texture and variety, Seeded Eucalyptus should be your go-to greenery. Small bunches of dainty seeds, brown stems, and green leaves with a tapered end are intermixed to create a stunning variety of texture, depth, and movement. The seeds and stems are sturdy and hold up well in any arrangement.

How to use it: For added dimension and unique textural variety, add Seeded Eucalyptus to centerpieces, garlands, and bridal bouquets. The bucolic charm of this type of greenery is perfect for couples who want a simple and timeless look.

Beautiful baby blue eucalyptus branch on white background

Baby Blue Eucalyptus: The leaves of Baby Blue Eucalyptus are smaller than those of the Sliver Dollar variety and are round, egg-shaped, or heart-shaped. They sprout in opposite pairs along a thick, tall stem and have greenish-blue leaves with a barely-there white covering on the leaves that resembles powder. A robust green Baby Blue Eucalyptus is a sturdy, long-lasting plant that provides volume, texture, and height.

How to use it: Baby Blue is ideal for creating unique centerpieces or filling out an arrangement that needs volume, abundance, and vertical elements. Adding a soft, romantic vibe to any decor, this greenery is perfect for weddings and even looks great in bridal bouquets.

Eucalyptus leaves from a True Blue

True Blue Eucalyptus: If you’re in love with Baby Blue Eucalyptus, then give True Blue a try. The leaves are similar to the Baby Blue but looser and larger. The True Blue variety is also taller which makes them more abundant and lush. With an aromatic, earthy fragrance, True Blue Eucalyptus is a perfect addition to any wedding or event.

How to use it: Use True Blue in the same way you would Baby Blue if you want to add height, drama, abundance, fragrance, and variety. Perfect for centerpieces, garlands, and statement arrangements, True Blue is stunning greenery.

Eucalyptus gunni Plants

Gunni Eucalyptus: The leaves of Gunni Eucalyptus grow in a high amount of volume on each stem making them perfect for amplifying arrangements. They are smaller than Silver Dollar leaves varying from a tapered and lance-like shape to egg-shaped and feature a grayish to bluish-green.

How to use it: Great for adding volume, the dainty leaves of Gunni Eucalyptus also add a light, airiness and up-lift to any arrangement. It’s perfect for centerpieces, large floral designs, and flower arches.

Beautiful eucalyptus arrangement Free Photo

Willow Eucalyptus: Delicate and wispy, the leaves of Willow Eucalyptus resemble feathers. Each thin, reddish-brown stem produces several long and delicate spear-shaped leaves. The grayish-green leaves are gently curved and run along the entire length of the stem which creates a lovely cascading effect.

How to use it: Wispy and aromatic, Willow Eucalyptus exudes romance and elegance. Perfect for trailing bridal bouquets, table decor, decorating chairs, and more.

Handmade wooden board with welcome sign on it decorated with eucalyptus. Wedding. Reception.

How to Incorporate Eucalyptus into Your Wedding

The variety and versatility of Eucalyptus make this type of greenery a welcomed and desired accent at weddings. Use any one type, or a combination of different types, to bring grace, elegance, and timeless beauty to the wedding in the following ways:

  • Decorate each place setting with a single sprig of Eucalyptus a touch of natural and simple elegance.
  • Use Eucalyptus to create hanging garlands above the Sweetheart Table
  • Twist sprigs of Eucalyptus around the back or side of chairs as a decorative element
  • Incorporate Eucalyptus into your bridal bouquet for its lovely fresh aroma and classic look.
  • Eucalyptus leaves work great in boutonniere designs because they are hardy and fragrant.
  • Add Eucalyptus leaves to your wedding cake for a trendy and cool design.
  • Use Eucalyptus leaves instead of rice, confetti, or bubbles to toss upon the newly married couple.
  • Eucalyptus makes wonderful crowns for younger bridesmaids or flower girls.

Beautiful flower wedding bouquet of white roses, pink roses, with sprigs of eucalyptus on white wooden table with white candles and metal bird decoration lying on fireplace

Flowers That Go Well With Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus pairs beautifully with soft, yet sturdy blooms in dusty, pale colors such as roses and ranunculus. Paired with only white blooms such as white peonies, roses, and gardenias creates a romantic and sophisticated look. Eucalyptus even looks great with bold, dark-hued blooms in burgundy, dark purple, and burnt orange. They can make any arrangement look special, so feel free to experiment with the different varieties.

Wedding table. Flower Decoration Arrangement with Eucalyptus and white flowers. Rustic style.

From boho to elegant, vintage to glam, or classic to modern, the lovely shades of green and unique design of Eucalyptus create beauty and elegance in any type of wedding decor. Their versatility in floral design, year-round availability, pertinent symbolism, and timeless look make fresh Eucalyptus a wedding staple.