A Guide to Honoring All Types of Life Anniversaries

Celebrating anniversaries takes you back to that moment when your heart was bursting with love, excitement, passion, and looking forward to your future. Reminisce on the past in a positive way, whether looking back on your marriage or wedding day, business, personal health, the memory of a loved one, a child adoption day, or bringing home your fur baby and honor the heartwarming memories that reignite the love and passion in your heart. Here at Flora D’ Amore, the event and flower experts, we are sharing tips for celebrating all sorts of anniversaries and symbolic flowers for flawless commemorations.

Wedding Anniversaries

One of the most talked about first wedding anniversary traditions is eating the top layer of your wedding cake with your spouse. It’s the most delicious way to bring you back to the moment of your wedding day and kick off the celebrations. In addition to mouthwatering treats, throw a party with friends and family to recreate the magic or enjoy a special day with close loved ones. If you’re looking for the ideal gifts or anniversary décor, check the guide below for traditional anniversary presents and symbolic flowers.

Symbols and Blooms for Milestone Wedding Anniversaries
1st: Paper & Carnations
2nd: Cotton & Cosmos
3rd: Leather & Sunflowers
4th: Fruit/Flowers & Geraniums
5th: Wood & Daisy
10th: Tin & Daffodil
15th: Crystal & Red Roses
20th: Fine China & Aster
30th: Pearls & Lily
40th: Ruby & Gladiolus
50th: Gold & Yellow Roses & Violets

composition of rose orchids protea and maple leaves in warm colors on a table with a white tablecloth

Work & Company Anniversaries

Celebrating your work anniversary or the anniversary of your company’s establishment might look like a big party with co-workers, mentors, friends, and family who supported you throughout the journey. You also might commemorate your work anniversary by reviewing the goals you’ve achieved and future goals you can’t wait to exceed. Whether you buy yourself fresh blooms for your office or to help someone else celebrate their work anniversary, look towards the iris, a symbol of wisdom, valor, communication, and eloquence, orange roses to represent energy, passion, and enthusiasm, and orange orchids that signify pride, success, boldness, creativity, and excitement.

Colorful bridal bouquet. wedding day, bride accessories

Health Anniversaries

Every year, you or a loved one might celebrate a “good health” anniversary, whether this is a time to commemorate the day you beat an illness, got sober, or adopted healthier habits that have truly changed your life. Some people enjoy honoring their good health by donating or giving back to the community that supported them through the hard times, writing letters or thanking friends, family, and professionals, or planning an event to educate or celebrate. Symbolic blooms that symbolize good health, healing, strength, and more include gerbera daisies, green orchids, purple coneflower, snapdragons, and lavender.

Flower arrangement made of pink and white flowers

Death Anniversaries

The day we lose a loved one stays with us forever, and some people honor the memory of their loved one annually, either on their birthday or the anniversary of their death. Some of us do this by flipping through old photos, watching videos from the past, visiting a special place or their gravesite, or calling friends and family who loved this person, too, to share stories. There are so many ways to honor their legacy with love and respect. When buying or displaying flowers in their memory, their favorites are always a great choice. Other fresh blooms that are appropriate to honor the death anniversary of a loved one include white lilies, peace lilies, crimson roses, and pink carnations. This collection of stems represents grace, love, innocence, peace, sympathy, respect, strength, remembrance, and friendship.

Pink orange purple roses colorful bouquet. Beautiful Flowers composition macro close up. Spring floral romantic gift card background. Flower shop and florist design concept

Child Adoption Anniversaries

The anniversary of officially adopting a child into your family is joyful and should be honored year after year. Celebrate by throwing a party with friends and family, cooking the child’s favorite meals and treats, and even letting them blow out some candles on an adoption-day cake. Above all, spend quality time as a family and shower your child with love, affection, and respect. Whether adorning their party with flowers to gifting them a bouquet for their bedroom, consider daisies for childhood, innocence, trust, affection, cheerfulness, and motherhood, alstroemeria to symbolize devotion, love, and friendship, pink Asiatic lilies to signify admiration and friendship, iris for hope and trust, lavender roses that are connected to a whimsical feeling of love, or carnations to symbolize your undying love as a mother.

Sunflower spring bouquet. Flower arrangement of various flowers in different vivid colours.

Pet “Gotcha Day” Anniversary

Another fun and cheerful anniversary to commemorate is pet adoption day or “gotcha day!” Giving your fur baby extra treats or puzzle toys, a surprise outing to a hiking trail or dog park, a trip to the local pet store for a new toy, or an exciting play date with their best furry pals are a few ideas to celebrate this special day. Of course, no celebration is complete without flowers, even for your pet. The best fresh blooms to honor your pets should be, of course, pet friendly. Bright, bold, colorful, and uplifting stems like sunflowers, orchids, and zinnias are ideal for celebrating the unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, happiness, joy, positivity, friendship, goodness, and lasting affection pets give to us.

All year long, there are holidays to celebrate, birthdays to honor, and anniversaries to commemorate. Whether you plan a big bash or an intimate gathering for your next anniversary, be sure to include stunning symbolic flowers to add respect, admiration, happiness, and love to your celebration. For more expert advice and tips, ask the experts here at Flora D’ Amore.