The Best Five Blooms of Fall Weddings

Planning the perfect day for your wedding or event is often influenced by your favorite time of year or season. For instance, many people love hosting events in the fall and the amount of autumn weddings has greatly increased in the last few years. This is in part due to the stunning fall foliage, brisk, crisp, and refreshing weather, and the warm fuzzy feelings we experience this time of year. However, one big factor as to why autumn celebrations are popular happens to be the wondrous autumn blooms and textures, and hues they offer to enhance fall events and wedding decor. While there are countless brilliant autumn flowers to choose from, learn why these five are some of our most loved here at Flora D’ Amore

Orange chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are often seen as the “vanilla” of fall flowers. However, there is a reason as to why they are so common this time of year. In addition to their gorgeous colors and textures that stand out among other autumn flowers, mums fit perfectly into bouquets, centerpieces, and more. Large decorative pots are another way to display mums at your event or wedding, whether as entryway pieces, decorative aisle markers, or enhancements to specialty tables at your reception. A lovely type of mum, bronze disbuds, are always eye-catching as these large blooms offer gorgeous tones that create a classic, sophisticated, and energetic feel. 

Bride holding sunflower bouquet and groom wearing sunflower boutonniere


True showstoppers of the season, sunflowers are a spectacular option to spruce up fall weddings and events. With large dark chocolatey centers surrounded by bright, sunny yellow petals, these blooms bring a complimentary aesthetic that is both brisket and rich yet cheerful and uplifting. Guests will easily be able to pick out the sunflowers in your event centerpieces and wedding bouquets and experience the joy that radiates from these autumn flowers. 

Bride holding fall wedding bouquet with white, red, and orange roses

Red and Orange Roses

As one of the world’s most popular blooms, roses bring sentimental symbolism like passion, love, friendship, charm, and desire, which is what most people want to bring into their wedding day or celebration. Seasonal roses are also found in a great variety of fantastic fall colors. Red and orange roses are chic, easily paired with other autumn favorites, versatile, and help design creative floral event and wedding decor. 

Billy buttons on white wooden background. Close up. Selective focus.

Craspedia Billy Balls

Joyful and whimsical, these sunny yellow balls create fun and playful floral pieces, like bouquets and boutonnieres, table runners, centerpieces, ceremony accents, and more. Craspedia billy balls encourage your guests to enjoy themselves, relax, and bring more positivity to your celebration through their uniqueness and inspiration for creativity. 

Purple calla lilies wedding bouquet

Calla Lilies 

Weddings and events can be molded into your dream atmosphere with elegant calla lilies. From bright yellow and white hues to rich purple and orange tones, these blooms are like no other fall flower with their unique texture and shape. Design your ideal autumn wedding or event by popping calla lilies into bouquets and flower arrangements with other blooms. You can also fashion an elegant minimalistic style by displaying calla lilies on their own. 

When Mother Nature is on your side, it makes designing a stunning seasonal event that much easier. Each season offers unique and colorful flowers that represent the mood, tone, look and feel of the time of year, but there’s something special about fall. This autumn, moody hues and warm tones help reflect the outside world and all of its beauty inside your venue to make your celebration one of a kind. For more tips and ideas, or to consult with our amazing designers, reach out to the experts here at Flora D’ Amore