Seven Wedding Etiquette Rules for Modern Couples

Planning a wedding today looks different than when your parents (or even older siblings) planned their wedding! Modern weddings are all about creating a unique celebration that reflects who you and your fiancé are as a couple, what you love, your personal style, and your individuality. Modern couples are throwing out traditions like garter tosses, tweaking others like their bridal party, and adding new special moments like “first looks.” However, this is just the tip of the iceberg since weddings took another turn in 2020. No matter what your dream wedding looks like, the professionals here at Flora D’ Amore by Stadium Flowers are sharing tips on proper wedding etiquette and how to give all your guests a wonderful experience.

Engaged couple showing off ring

Sharing the Big News

From the moment you get engaged to the love of your life, you cannot wait to tell the whole world and might have the urge to post your big news on social media. However, while this is still a personal moment and should be savored with your new fiancé and close family and dearest friends, it is better to hold off on posting anything for a few days or maybe even weeks. Be sure you have called all your siblings, grandparents, and anyone else who should hear the big news from you rather than online.

Handwritten guest list with purple and white flowers

The Shorter the Guest List, The Better

More and more modern couples are doing away with large weddings with distant relatives and old classmates and instead are focusing on celebrating this important day with their closest family and friends. While big crowds might even deter people from attending your wedding, and a long guest list can leave you and your fiancé overwhelmed, there is no shame or guilt in keeping things small. This also means that you can have extra room in your budget for your favorite flowers and decor and more time to spend with all of your guests at the reception.

Wedding guests hugging bride and groom

You’re Invited!

Another thing to remember while creating your master wedding guest list is to ensure those who are invited to pre-wedding functions are on your list. Family and friends who shower you with gifts at your bridal shower, toast to you at your engagement party, and celebrate at your bachelor/bachelorette party are certainly people who will want to watch you get married and be there on your big day. As you attempt to keep your wedding guest list to a minimum, be sure that the events leading up to your big day are also smaller and more intimate gatherings.

Bride opening wedding gift

A Gift Registry is For Your Wedding Website

Including your wedding gift registry with your wedding invitation is a common faux pas as it implies your expectation of each guest bringing you a gift to the reception. Since you did spend time with your fiancé putting your registry together and making it easy for those who do feel inclined to bring you a nice gift, you can of course direct guests to this information via your wedding website. Adding a link to your wedding website on your wedding invitation is an appropriate and helpful detail that guests are sure to appreciate.

White wedding signs with floral accents

Set Clear Expectations

While taking health and safety precautions during your wedding is a personal choice, it is an appropriate route to take if you desire. For instance, some couples are holding all events outside and/or asking guests to wear a mask, social distance, or obtain a negative COVID test if they are not fully vaccinated to ensure everyone, especially those vulnerable, are comfortable and safe. With this in mind, it is crucial to communicate any expectations and wishes to your guests in advance of your big day, so nobody is caught off guard, ill-prepared, or causing drama.

Video camera at wedding ceremony

Virtual Ceremonies Are All the Rage

Since not everyone is comfortable attending events or may have challenges traveling, we want to remind you to be patient and understanding if you begin to receive RSVPs that respectfully decline. Many of these friends and family members would love nothing more than to share your wedding day with you, so why not give them the option to attend your ceremony virtually? Work with your most tech-savvy friends or videographer to set up a secure live stream that is easy for loved ones who cannot be there in person to share the bliss of your wedding from afar.

Fancy pink and blue wedding invitations

The Best of Both Snail Mail and Technology

Modern technology, e-mail, and wedding websites make it easy to communicate with guests about wedding details and festivities leading up to your big day. But when it comes to “save the dates,” official wedding invitations, maybe postponement cards, and don’t forget about your hand-written “thank you” notes, proper wedding etiquette calls of snail mail. Traditional paper mail also gives you a reason to choose the perfect stunning stationery, get more use out of your engagement photos, and create additional keepsakes and mementos from your wedding.

It is important to note that following proper wedding etiquette does not mean you have to follow classic wedding traditions. You certainly have the freedom to plan and enjoy your wedding celebration in your own unique way while still respecting and honoring your guests and loved ones. As always, be sure to reach out to your friends here at Flora D’ Amore for further support and creative ideas.