Rustic Natural Elemental Fall Weddings

The hottest wedding trends of 2015 revolve around natural elements and details that truly evoke the charm of the season. According to wedding planning site, these accents elegantly hint at the rustic personality of fall, while still providing luxurious touches to the ceremony and reception.

fall weddings

One such design element is copper, which is showing up as a popular choice in autumn wedding planning. Copper details can be added through the use of vases and floral containers, as well as lighting fixtures and lanterns. Experts are recommending copper or gold colored flatware to provide a little extra shimmer to the table. Speaking of shimmer, candlelight is an attractive and alluring way to set the mood and set off the metallic accents.

Fall Weddings

Staying within the natural theme is the use of twigs, sticks, berries and leaves in décor and floral arrangements. Feathers, mini gourds and fruits are all popular ways to both embellish the seasonal flair and look beautiful. An alternative 2015 trend includes rich colors, flavors and textures. The most popular new colors of the season take their cues from the abundance of nature; wine red and deep purple exotics join vibrant oranges as the palette of choice. They make for stunning bouquets that defy the traditional pastels and soft blooms.

fall weddings

For a fun twist on the wedding cake, many fall couples are opting for apple and pumpkin pie, or homemade cobblers. These comfort desserts immediately take us to the familiarity and warmth of fall family gatherings; and can provide a surprising and welcome alternative to the traditional dessert.

Whatever your style, the expert wedding planners at Flora D’Amore are ready to assist you create your dream fall wedding. Give us a call at 425-293-0908, and let’s get started.