How to Pull Off the Ultimate Gothic Halloween Wedding

Spooky, romantic, creative, vintage, and a bit supernatural, weddings around Halloween allow wedding planners, brides, and grooms to bring to life a unique event like no other. Thinking outside the box and incorporating strange and unusual decor and attire are things you might not see at weddings any other time of year. Halloween weddings all look different since there are countless directions you can take them. However, one popular wedding trend we love to see around “spooky season” is a gothic Halloween soiree. Gothic weddings pull inspiration and decor themes from both the Romantic Gothic era (from 1800-1859) and the Victorian Gothic era (from 1837-1901). What comes to mind for most people is Frankenstein, The Addams Family, thirsty vampires, and misunderstood ghosts. With suspense, mystery, eerie beauty, and passion, a gothic wedding theme is often the best solution when debating between an elegant Halloween wedding and a spooky one. Here at Flora D’ Amore, our design experts are sharing their guide for planning an epic gothic Halloween wedding so you can be confident you have everything you need, including extra garlic to keep away those pesky vampires.

A Gothic Halloween Wedding Checklist 

Halloween Gothic Wedding Castle Venue

A Mysterious Venue

Halloween and gothic weddings have little rules to play by, even when selecting the ideal wedding venue. From cathedrals and ornate churches to empty warehouses and grand Victorian ballrooms, you can transform your venue into the ultimate gothic setting with the right color scheme, flowers, and decor. Overgrown or lush gardens make for a brilliant outdoor Halloween venue, especially with corn stalks and pumpkins. However, you might just hit the jackpot if you stumble upon an old or forgotten castle nestled on a hilltop.

Anemone wedding bouquet

Dark & Moody Blooms 

Halloween is the perfect time to utilize dark, moody, dramatic flowers, especially for a gothic-themed wedding. Flowers like blue thistle, dark-colored succulents, purple calla lilies, and red chrysanthemums create a spooky autumn vibe. Other fall blooms that make beautiful wedding bouquets for Halloween weddings are orange roses, seeded eucalyptus, amaranthus, anemones, protea, and burgundy hydrangeas. While flowers don’t come in black, you can find deep reds, purples, and burgundy hues to give the same dramatic effect. Red roses, with their passion and romance, are undeniably gorgeous and always a must-have bloom for gothic Halloween weddings. Whether they are fresh cut or dried when making a Halloween wedding bouquet is up to you.

Elegant gothic wedding decor

Elegant Gothic Decor 

Perhaps the easiest yet challenging task on your gothic wedding to-do list is finding decor that speaks to your would. In the world of online shopping, DIY, and talented wedding designers, there are so many ways to find once elegant and now vintage or spooky decor items for your wedding. Black candles, velvet lounge areas, black and white photos or poetry displayed in gilded frames, and candelabras are just a few twists on modern wedding decor. Halloween items like potion vials, cauldrons, witchy crystals, skeleton keys, and skulls are details that will bring your gothic wedding theme to life…or death.

Pumpkin heads bride and groom

A Twist on Fall Foliage & Pumpkins

Speaking of Halloween decor, we would be wrong if we didn’t address our favorite fall items like autumn foliage and pumpkins. These can be incorporated into your fall wedding or creatively warped to fit your goth wedding theme. Spooky twists on autumn leaves and pumpkins, like painting them white, black, silver, or gold, will allow them to fit seamlessly into your event design. Sticking with their natural beauty and methodically tucking them into your ceremony or reception decor will add the perfect hint of “pumpkin spice.”

A girl in a mystical dark image in a black dress with flowers in her hair against the background of an old brick wall. Candles, black magic, Gothic beauty, mystical image. Halloween, black widow

An Unexpected Bridal Gown 

A gothic wedding calls for a showstopping, dramatic, and unexpected bridal gown. Whether a traditional white dress or a fabulous black gown, put your own gothic twist on it with long sleeves or gloves, and a lot of lace. Pay homage to the Victorian Gothic era with an A-line or ballgown with a full skirt, or embody the Romantic Gothic period with a sheath or mermaid silhouette with long, flowing, billowy sleeves. Accessorizing your wedding dress is the most important way to make it your own spooky creation. Choose between a long romantic veil or a striking birdcage veil and knock-out heels or edgy black combat boots. Then, bring on the glam!

Man in expensive custom tailored tuxedo, suit posing indoors

Sleek and Edgy Tuxedos 

Tuxedos for weddings have evolved over the years from the plain, sleek black with coattails that maybe your grandparents wore back in the day. However, this might be a fantastic style to bring back for your gothic Halloween wedding. Add a pair of edgy accessories, like studded shoes or skull cufflinks, or dress it up with a top hat and cane. If you love the idea of a dark color, like navy or maroon, or a fun pattern, perhaps a pinstripe, paisley, or velvet suit is more your style.

Group of people in masquerade carnival mask posing in studio. Beautiful women and men wearing venetian mask. Fashion, party, friends concept

Creative Bridal Party Attire 

You may have heard about a zombie bride, but what about a zombie bridal party? Whether you go all in on a Halloween theme or not, a spooky season bridal party can sport anything from costumes to traditional wedding attire. Get creative with bold accessories like leather jackets, statement jewelry, or ornate masks. Take advantage of colors like forest green, burgundy, maroon, burnt orange, light pink, and blush to create a rainbow of autumn hues or one uniform look.

Friends in Halloween Costumes Drinking Cocktails. Group of Young Happy People Wearing Costumes at Halloween Party Drinking Cocktails and having Fun in Nightclub. Celebration of Halloween

Should Guests Wear Costumes?

Weddings that land on or close to October 31st sometimes encourage guests to dress up in stunning costumes. Elegant masks, gothic-themed attire, or classic Halloween costumes replace traditional formal dresses and suits that wedding guests typically wear. Don’t forget to note which wedding guest attire is more appropriate for your Halloween wedding, so your attendees are prepared and feel comfortable, no matter what you wish they wear.  

Til’ death do you part.

Til Death Do Us Part - Gothic Halloween Wedding Checklist