How to Host an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Wedding

Many couples want to do right by Mother Nature during their wedding celebrations. Some may wonder what items to swap for more sustainable options, while others search for the perfect eco-friendly blooms. At Flora D’ Amore, we’re sharing the most significant tips to ensure your wedding is planned and decorated with sustainability in mind. From reducing waste and recycling decor to reusing pieces after the wedding celebration has ended, we cover it all.

A bunch of wild flowers and olive branches for a green, eco-friendly wedding. Wedding bouquet with daisies, anemones, olives and roses

Sustainable Flower Designs

Going green starts with the very flowers that will adorn your special day. The best eco-friendly blooms are locally sourced and come from a responsible flower shop. Your local florist should know precisely how much product, flowers, and materials they need to make your design come to life – and utilize no more – to create your floral bouquets and arrangements, thus reducing waste. As a responsible consumer, dive in and educate yourself on specific materials and see if your wedding florals can be made with recycled, biodegradable, or compostable products. Have an open conversation with your florist and explore designs that are both beautiful and gentle on the earth.

Beautiful wedding decor. roses vintage style

Recycle Your Flower Vases

Let the spirit of recycling be reflected in your beautiful wedding centerpieces and arrangements. Choose second-hand containers for your floral designs and imagine them living a new life as home decor after the event. If your home is already filled with decor or has a different style, you can simply rent vases that will later grace other beautiful occasions, thus fostering a cycle of joy and reuse.

Outdoor Wedding. lounge zone including chairs and tables in boho style

Get Thrifty with Decor

Embrace the charm of vintage wedding decor by renting or thrifting all your items. Not only does this prevent new materials from being consumed, but it adds a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness, ensuring your wedding decor is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Save these eclectic and special pieces from being discarded post-celebration and give them a new lease on life.

Close up shot of confetti box at wedding

Toss Petals in Celebration

As you step hand-in-hand with your partner into a new chapter and a crowd of cheering loved ones, trade traditional confetti, rice, or chemical-filled bubbles for dried flower petals – earth’s natural confetti. If you prefer to leave no trace behind, consider providing ribbons for guests to wave as you exit your ceremony or reception, creating a whirlwind of color and joy.

wedding arch

Opt for a Floral Arch

Create a fairy-tale entrance that is fresh, colorful, and respectful of the earth. If your heart is set on a romantic archway or a dreamy backdrop for your ceremony or sweetheart table, swap balloon arches for floral arches and greenery backdrops. These grand floral displays look incredibly beautiful and are a greener, more conscious decor piece.

pressed flowers. flat pressed dried flower background. Dry pressed flowers. making decoration with pressed flowers and leaves. Beautiful dried flowers.

Make a Donation or Create Art

After the celebrations have ended, let your wedding flowers share the joy for a bit longer. Donate arrangements that still have life to local nursing homes, hospitals, or other local establishments. As for blooms that are beginning to wilt, take them home to create pressed flower art, crafting a forever memory that you can cherish for years to come.

As you design your happily ever after, let it echo with the harmonious tunes of nature. At Flora D’ Amore, we are happy to assist in creating a wedding that is not just a celebration of love but a celebration that respects Mother Nature.