Decorating With Flowers at Your Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is the perfect occasion for laughter, love, and fun between friends, but it does require a little planning, even if the gathering is an intimate one between a small group of friends.

Flowers are a must for the bridal shower since they give you an unparalleled opportunity to set the mood.  Whether you want the elegance of a calla lily, or the sweet freedom of wildflowers, floral accents set the tone perfectly.

Bridal Shower

When is the Bridal Shower?

You’ll probably want to set the date around one to three months before the ceremony, but sometimes a date much closer to the ceremony is a good idea.

For example, if you have old friends and close family traveling a long distance for your wedding, you might think about a bridal shower that’s just a few days out from the ceremony.

Make sure you can include as many of your dear friends as possible in the gathering, particularly if they’re already traveling to come to your wedding and reception.

Which Flowers are Best for a Bridal Shower?

Flowers are a fun part of the planning for a bridal shower whether you’re a modern bride planning her own party, or you’re the bride’s best friend and are responsible for putting on the celebration.

If you’ve already chosen flowers for your wedding or reception, a simple option is to get in touch with your florist and order a few extra garlands, arrangements, or centerpieces for the bridal shower. Give the shower guests a preview of the style of the wedding.

Bridal Shower

Alternatively, the theme of the bridal shower is also a great place to start for choosing the flowers. Maybe you’re in love with the Bohemian style and want everyone to wear flowers in their hair as they participate in fun bridal shower games.


Incorporate Flowers with the Favors

Party favors are actually one of the most difficult features of the bridal shower, as well as for the reception. You want to choose something that’s fun and memorable, but you don’t want to give everyone something that they’ll just stuff into the back of a drawer somewhere at home.

You might think about living party favors in the form of little flower arrangements. Plants and flowers symbolize life and the future the bride and groom will embark upon after the wedding.

You might think about cute little succulents (a small, hardy, and easy to care for plant) in small pots or living barrettes with real flowers attached to hair clips.

Bridal Shower

Fun, whimsical, and memorable, the bridal shower should feel effortlessly beautiful, even if it does take some time to arrange. It’s easy to make the experience fanciful and unforgettable with beautiful flowers.