December Proposal Ideas to Inspire You

proposal ideas

The month of December is noted as the most popular for proposals, as many people choose to get engaged over the holiday season. If you fall into this category, we’d like to give you a few  proposal ideas that you can use for inspiration – and a few suggestions on how to get your planning started! At Flora D’ Amore, we’ve seen many couples through the journey from proposal to wedding day – and we look forward to helping you as well.
A Walk to Remember: If there is snow on the ground, choose a location for your proposal that you can walk to. Shortly into your walk, she will notice a few red rose petals scattered in the snow. As you approach the location, the petals will become more and more numerous until they form a red carpet to a small candlelit table holding a bouquet of roses.

Starlight, Star Bright: Whether in your own backyard, or perhaps a small rented area at a park or restaurant, string twinkling ice lights for ambiance. Then hang clear ornaments from the strands, containing little love notes or chocolates. As they explore, lead them to the ornament with the ring inside.
proposal ideas

Nesting Christmas Gifts: Start with a large box – such as an appliance box – wrapped and with their name on it. Expecting something  very large, they will find that each box contains a smaller box, with the final present being the ring box. If this takes place at a family event or party with friends, make sure your love would be comfortable with a public proposal – some may prefer a private moment.

Proposal ideas are meant to inspire – you know your partner’s personality and style best. No matter your decision, don’t forget the flowers and a photographer! Many are choosing to hire a “stealth photographer” for surprise proposals, to capture the moment without intruding. The photos will be cherished for the rest of your life.

As a premier wedding event planner in Everett, Lynwood and all of greater Seattle, Flora D’ Amore would be honored to help with all the flowers and you will need during this season of your life. Please browse our Galleries, and then give us a call!  We invite you to come see us at one of two January wedding events – the NW Bridal Showcase on January 7th and 8th; and the Seattle Wedding Show on January 14th and 15th .