Tips for Planning a Dreamy and Magical Disney Wedding

As the time comes to begin planning your dream wedding, you might remember the ideas you dreamt of as a kid – a Cinderella ballgown, a Prince Charming tuxedo, the biggest pastel floral arrangements you could think of, flower petals lining the aisle leading to your ceremony, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse as the guests of honor. While you may have planned on getting married in front of a castle and arriving in a white horse-drawn carriage as a child, these dreams can still come true. Here at Flora D’ Amore, we are experts in bringing your wildest visions to life. Since no one is ever too old for fairytales, we have created a unique guide to planning your Disney wedding and happily ever after.

Floral arrangement at a wedding ceremony in Samui Thailand.

Disney Property vs. Disney-Themed

Popular opinion is that to have a real Disney wedding, you must have your wedding on Disney property. If you have ever watched the show “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings” with Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, then you have gotten a sweet glimpse into what planning a wedding at Disney has to offer. While you may be considering destinations like Disney World Resort, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, or more tropical paradises like a Disney Cruise or the Aulani Resort in Hawaii, you can also bring Disney magic to wherever you want! By incorporating a few key elements, such as showstopping flowers and the perfect decor to create an enchanting, feel-good wedding, you can experience all of the Disney magic closer to home.

Wedding Decoration White Flower Fairytales with Nightsky stars

Bringing Your Disney Dreams to Life 

There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to Disney weddings. Whether you’re planning a large-scale wedding or a D.I.Y. design, enlisting a few extra hands is crucial to making your Disney dreams come true. When choosing flower types and color palettes, base them on your favorite Disney park, movie, or character. Grand floral arrangements and creative centerpieces will help you recreate a royal ballroom or pay homage to whatever piece of Disney you want to bring to life. Design an intricate floral pattern for your ceremony aisle to mimic the spectacular flowers and landscapes you spy in the parks – don’t forget to incorporate a hidden Mickey! Top it off with elaborate aisle toppers and markers to add levels and dimension and make your fairytale wedding dreams come true.

Finding Inspiration in Your Favorite Disney Movies 

Wedding presidium in restaurant. Banquet table for newlyweds with flowers. Luxury wedding decorations. The Presidium of the newlyweds at the wedding. Banquet table for newlyweds.

Belle’s Wedding

When designing a wedding inspired by Belle, red roses are a must! Pair them with yellow and white blooms and vintage gold accents. Gold candelabras with twinkling white candlesticks, red roses inside glass bell jars or cloches, and a stack of vintage books underneath a teacup filled with blooms are brilliant centerpiece ideas for an enchanting Beauty and the Beast event. Dressing the tables in navy linen or groomsmen in navy suits will bring a beautiful and beastly contrast to your wedding. For the bride, a ballgown with dazzling accents and sleeves that sit off the shoulder will emulate Belle’s iconic gold gown.

wedding archway with a lot of different flowers

Aurora’s Wedding

To design a “once upon a dream” wedding inspired by Aurora, draw your attention towards pastel pinks and sweet blues. Hydrangeas, roses, peonies, lilacs, delphinium, and sweet peas are a few flower types sure to create an elegant yet whimsical look. Add an effortless and ethereal touch through slightly rustic decor mixed with metallic accents to transport guests to the enchanted woods outside Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Don’t forget an A-line wedding dress with a soft flowing silhouette and an off-the-shoulder neckline or bishop sleeves to capture the natural beauty of Aurora.

Weddings Backdrop blue tone there rose flowers decorated on the front decorated with candles.

Cinderella’s Wedding

Embrace your inner Cinderella or Prince Charming as you recreate Fairy Godmother’s magic for your wedding day. Blue and white flowers should fill your venue as gold and clear glass accents shimmer alongside the blooms. Blue tulle fabric makes for lovely table runners, and if you happen to be planning a fall wedding, don’t be shy about incorporating blue, white, and even a few orange pumpkins. Of course, you can’t forget the horse-drawn carriage. When it comes to attire, a large princess ballgown is the perfect “Cinderella dress.” Finish the bridal look with long gloves and a timeless updo. For masculine attire, we recommend a pristine white, beige, or tan tuxedo.

Luxury Wedding Arch with floral decorations in the form of big vases and bouquets, tall white backdrop and tall flowers post

Ariel’s Wedding 

Diving into Ariel’s grotto for wedding design inspiration will leave you hunting for unique treasures. Begin with a color palette with deep blues, turquoise, purples, and greens. Orchids, iris, dianthus, dahlias, lilies, thistle, and even succulents can create lush floral masterpieces for centerpieces, floral arches, ceremony arrangements, and cascading bridal bouquets. Trade the rhinestones for pearls and incorporate stunning assorted metallics, sea glass, flowing fabrics, and thrifted antique items. Put the cherry on top with a sparkly mermaid wedding gown, and finish your long wavy hairstyle with a fun bow. Pay homage to Prince Eric with a masculine blue suit and beige tie.

Disney weddings allow you to fill your day with the most magical moments. With the help of expert wedding florists and designers at Flora D’ Amore, your fairytale dreams can truly become reality as you begin your happily ever after.