Washington Opens up Wedding Receptions

Governor Inslee officially reopened wedding receptions in Washington State, effective September 16, 2020. Some of the key points are set out below. View the full guidelines here

Size: Wedding receptions up to 30 guests are now allowed both indoors and outdoors. (This is a reduction from our proposal of 50 guests for both indoors and outdoors.) This allowed headcount does not include vendors. We will continue to advocate for increased guest counts and hope to see more positive change soon.

Duration: Wedding receptions are allowed for up to 3 hours. Alcohol service must end at 10 pm.

Mingling: Mingling by the wedding couple and/or host is permitted to greet their guests so long as they strictly comply with the 6 feet physical distance and mask rules. Otherwise, mingling is prohibited.

Dancing: Formal first dances and parent dances are now allowed. However, only one pair/couple may dance at a time, both must be wearing masks (unless they are part of the same household) and must remain 6 feet away from other persons. No other dancing is permitted.

Master of Ceremonies of Events/music/audiovisual equipment for the ceremony and reception: The host/couple are permitted to have a vendor play pre-recorded music for the ceremony and reception as background music, to provide AV assistance to amplify voices for the ceremony, toasts and other aspects of the wedding and reception and to perform the role of Master of Ceremonies for the wedding and reception.

Music: Soloists and duets, as well as small groups of musicians such as string quartets, are allowed so long as the performers wear a face covering. No choirs are permitted. Singing is permitted so long as all persons are wearing a mask.